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Teach For Nepal has been my destiny. Coming across this fellowship, I immediately applied for it. I am really excited to go to a school as a teacher and help hundreds of students’ pursue their dreams. I changed nine schools in my life from primary to higher secondary, and even between public and private schools. This has made me realize the importance of the learning environment and having great teachers. I found it much harder to study and receive an education in public schools. This experience made me contemplate a lot. Why is there such education disparity in my country? Why couldn’t I study in public schools properly? This is why I call Teach For Nepal my destiny, because I am not only seeking answers to my questions but I am also trying to provide a quality education to public school students.

I was born in a village of Nuwakot district. I studied in public schools from Grade 1 through the end of my Master’s degree. After completing my higher secondary from Nuwakot district, I came to the capital for further studies. Sometimes I taught as a teacher, and I worked in different private companies. At one point I was an employee at a trading company. My experiences have taught me to work hard under any conditions. I came first in my class during my school life. I was not happy being first because most of my friends failed – I think because of our teachers. I used to think that if I were a teacher I would apply methods they weren’t using. I was encouraged by my friends and I made the decision to become a good teacher at that time. This led me to Teach for Nepal, and to apply. I learned more about the values and about TFN through the selection and training period. I am proud of my struggles, courage and continuity in working hard. I have the capacity to face anything in my...

My name is Samiksha Adhikari. I was born in Hetauda, and moved to Kathmandu when I was 3 years old. I have been living here since then. My overall experience as a student was positive. Learning was always fun, and I was able to spend time with my friends. I was always allowed to make my own decisions, which meant I went through both good and bad phases. But looking back, I think who I have become today – able to stand proud despite some failures, and confident in the love I have from my familiy, friends and my precious students – is my greatest accomplishment till date. Teaching has always been a passion for me, and I wanted to take part in a challenging mission. I always wanted to do something for my people, for my society and for my country. Seeing the Fellowship vacancy was the first step to fulfilling these desires. I never had any second thoughts. I used to think of it as a teaching job, but now I can say it is more about grooming yourself and transforming other people’...

Though I attended one of the most renowned schools in town, the system of education was not prioritized for the needs of individual students. Despite having good infrastructure and opportunities in extracurricular activities, the teaching was still theory based rather than practical. I learned about Teach For Nepal in a college info session at Thames International College. As a Social Work student, I am aware of the challenges faced by the students of government schools. My participation at various workshops and volunteer teaching at schools have made me more interested in this field. This fellowship became the most appropriate platform to give students what I missed in school while also contributing to long-term education improvements. My parents became supportive and were happy when I was selected for this fellowship. Their optimism in the mission I have joined makes my commitment even stronger.

Being from a lower middle class family, I’ve struggled very hard to fulfill my dreams. My parents are illiterate and there are three children in our family. Due to poverty they couldn’t afford our education and basic necessities. So I worked throughout my life to attain education. I want every kid to get an excellent education and have better life opportunities. I know the standard and quality of education in many public schools of our country. I know the standards and teaching methodologies of many teachers in public schools in the remote regions. And I know how that the kids are the ones being cheated as a result of the education system. Having been a public school student, I believe that if I don’t take initiative to change the system then my struggle until now will be worthless. So when I got the chance to be a part of Teach For Nepal, I accepted the challenge that would allow me to fulfill my dream of being able to help all children in Nepal.

While studying for my Bachelors, I learned that many children are dying due to malnutrition in the Far-Western Development Region. When I worked as a Health Inspector in Bardiya, I saw things that were beyond my imagination. Therefore, I have dreamed of working in the field of nutrition while supporting and improving the lives of children under-five in that region. I was attracted to Teach For Nepal when I stumbled upon the advertisement that asked, “What if your first job was to change the nation?” It inspired me to learn more about this noble initiative to end education inequity in Nepal, and I couldn’t help joining this fellowship. Initially it was challenging but I finally convinced my parents to join this movement. Pursuing this fellowship means putting my dreams of my further education on hold. After contemplating a lot, I decided that I want to contribute my life to children at public schools so that they receive the best possible education.

One of my favourite books says, “We can’t choose where we come from but we can choose where we go from there,” but I believe that one’s background both informs and moulds a person. Mine certainly did. I was born in a small town in Meghalaya, India but my parents’ decision to provide me with better education and exposure took me to a lot of places around India. My first stop was Rockvale Academy at Kalimpong. The hostel was initially a struggle, since I was so young, but my teachers, especially the late D.B.Chettri, provided me with care and support. School became my second home, and the hostel taught me to take care of myself and find a family wherever I went. My learning continued beyond the walls of educational institutions. My experience while running a restaurant, and then venturing into a different field – professional karaoke jockey – provided some of the learning that I cherish the most. I heard a lot about Teach For India during college and knew about the kind of dedic...

After I returned from Mangalore with an MBA, expectations were that I would pursue a career in banking, much like my father. However, I chose to follow my passion for teaching since I plan to become a lecturer. I came across this fellowship and applied without the consent of my parents. I became completely attached to Teach For Nepal’s mission and values after learning more about the organization when I went through the tough selection process. My motivation comes from knowing that my two years of service will be changing lives, dreams, and educational quality in Nepal. I am going to be accountable for bringing a positive change in the lives of students who are deprived of the privileges that private school students get. Thus, I’m committed to the cause and I’ve convinced my parents to support me in this mission of transforming education in Nepal. For my future students, I hope to encourage them to dream and see that education is the key to their success, and I will invest all...

Coming from a middle class family, it was my dream to become a successful and independent woman. Besides this, I didn’t have other dreams, but after joining Teach For Nepal, I have started dreaming again. My aim now is changing the lives of children who are deprived of quality education. I had no idea that I would want to be a Teach For Nepal fellow until I was moved by the words of Shisir Dai. His words motivated me to apply for the fellowship. My parents were hesitant about me changing the career path and becoming a teacher after they invested so much in me. But, I convinced them to join this wonderful movement. I know that the two years of fellowship will be an adventurous journey for me. However, I am excited about going to a new place and giving my all to achieve the best results for the students whom I will be teaching.

I am from Bijalpura, Mahottari. I was born in Bijalpura and my childhood passed in my village until I completed the SLC. When I reflect on my past, I am proud of my past work with youth and women. I have established an organization (Youth Network for Peace and Development) for youth and have united young people who were otherwise moving toward joining armed groups. The network now has 52 youth clubs as members, from 52 VDCs of Mahottari District. While working with women I have supported women of Mahottari and Dhanusha district in uniting and establishing their own organizations. In Suga VDC of Mahottari District, there are women involved in Mithila Painting who are earning a good amount from that. I initially asked them what skills they had, and they explored Mithila painting skills. After that, they started working in the group with the seed grant I was able to provide. I first learned about TFN through Facebook. I became very happy and excited as I looked deeper into the TFN w...

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