Home: Khadgabhanjhyang, Nuwakot, Bagmati

Education: BBS (Business), Public Youth Campus

I was born in a village of Nuwakot district. I studied in public schools from Grade 1 through the end of my Master’s degree. After completing my higher secondary from Nuwakot district, I came to the capital for further studies. Sometimes I taught as a teacher, and I worked in different private companies. At one point I was an employee at a trading company. My experiences have taught me to work hard under any conditions.

I came first in my class during my school life. I was not happy being first because most of my friends failed – I think because of our teachers. I used to think that if I were a teacher I would apply methods they weren’t using. I was encouraged by my friends and I made the decision to become a good teacher at that time. This led me to Teach for Nepal, and to apply. I learned more about the values and about TFN through the selection and training period.

I am proud of my struggles, courage and continuity in working hard. I have the capacity to face anything in my way. I like to keep moving forward, and I always see possibilities. Through the Teach for Nepal training I have learned different teaching skills and how to deal with different circumstances.

After I applied, my family had great hopes that I would be selected – as did I. To be a teacher is almost respected and honorable post in our society. When I was selected, my family, my friends and all my relatives were happy. I wanted to be a one brick of a large building, so I joined.

I am looking forward to communicating with students and their parents. I want this Fellowship to be for longer than two years. My goal for the next few years is to work with students and facilitate their life journeys so they know how to cope and thrive in all circumstances.

After two years in Lalitpur, Narayan Adhikari is currently teaching at Saraswati Secondary School in Katrait, Dhanusa as a Third Year TFN Fellow.

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