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Sita and Dila during Sita's final day of her Fellowship in Tulsipur.

Sometimes you raise them, sometimes they raise you.

Sept. 4, 2021

“They will complete their school. But for higher education, they won’t be able to afford college. If my students are going to make it that far, they are going to have to learn entrepreneurial skills and work their way to college.”

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Fellows 2019

The opposite of Powerlessness

June 30, 2021

For many girl students having a female science teacher is a matter of wonder and pride. Their eyes light up when they see independent female science teachers who have completed their bachelor’s and master’s degree in science. 

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Fear and hope

Fear and Hope

May 31, 2021

“I don’t want to be just promoted to 11th standard without going through the 10th-grade exams,” says Sophie. How embarrassing would it be to be in 11th standard and realizing that we’re missing the foundational concepts we should’ve mastered in the 10th, add Sophie referring to how last year all 10th graders were given provisional grades and promoted without examination.

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Fellows painting the wall.

The Colors On The Wall Will Always Remind Us.

March 31, 2021

Every year, during the Learning Institute of the new cohort of Fellows, Shramadana has become an indispensable part of our learning.

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Learning Beyond Textbooks

Learning Beyond Textbooks

Feb. 28, 2021

When asked: “Where did a seventh-grader get an idea of a solar plow?” Sujit convincingly responded: “I had seen solar panels in school on the roof of our teacher’s room and wondered how it worked. We went to Sudarshan sir to ask about it and he helped us explain the physics behind solar to motion energy.”

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Sandhya with her student Kabita.

Changing the nation one school, one classroom, one game at a time!!!

Jan. 31, 2021

Girls, throughout several generations, have had to cross many barriers to simply attend schools. People in the community, to this day, believe that being allowed to attend school in itself is a huge privilege for girls. But Sandhya knows that her girls have much more to strive and thrive for than merely exist in the school. 

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Eva with her students during her Fellowship in Sindhupalchowk.

Challenge Accepted!

Dec. 1, 2020

So, why would any individual go and live in a village when you were the best in your batch, you have finally earned a degree, you can now apply to organizations you have dreamt working for and earn that salary you deserve, WHY?

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When teachers become leaders

When teachers become leaders

Nov. 20, 2020

Ganesh (Science Fellow) and Suruchi (English Fellow) have been teaching after school hours to their students a must-know skill for each students after returning to their placed school in Katuwa, Lalitpur as their compulsory assignment.

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When the schools shut down, hopes shut down.

When the schools shut down, hopes shut down.

Sept. 30, 2020

How lockdown is affecting the hopes and aspiration of girls

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Double your joy and happiness and become one of the 1000 TFN champions supporting 10,000 students live their dream.  

Season of Giving | 1000 for 10000

Oct. 7, 2021

Double your joy and happiness and become one of the 1000 TFN champions supporting 10,000 students live their dream.  

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Leading One Child Towards Higher Education!

Leading One Child Towards Higher Education!

Aug. 31, 2021

One Child-One Sponsor Project was successful in providing scholarships to 5 students from 5 public schools of Indrawati Rural Municipality.  This scholarship will help these students continue their higher education in Lalitpur. The students have joined Advance Academy, Kumaripati. 

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Virtual Reunion: Teach For Nepal Alumni Coming Together

Virtual Reunion: Teach For Nepal Alumni Coming Together

Sept. 1, 2020

One's journey with TFN goes beyond a two-year-long community-based experience. This is why TFN Alumni come together twice a year to ALFs to reconnect and rebond with each other, network with new Alumni and strengthen the movement. 

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Campaign ends on: Jan. 31, 2022

No matter what we celebrate, all religions, cultures, and traditions value Giving back to the Community. Thus, at Teach For Nepal, we call October - January as a SEASON OF GIVING.  No matter where you are, what you’re celebrating, make giving a part of your festivities.   Become a part of our Season of Giving by making your contribution that ensuring quality education for 10,000 students in public schools.    HOW TO GIVE  Season of Giving is a TFN initiative looking for 1000 individual champions who can contribute to a collective goal of raising Rs. 20,00,000 between October 2021 - January 2021.  Double your joy and happiness and become one of the 1000 TFN champions supporting 10,000 students live their dream.   To DONATE via Siddartha Bank: AC Name: Teach For Nepal (Ac no: 03315012321) If you have any questions, please email us at Or Call us at:  977- 9...

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Teach for Nepal is a movement of outstanding university graduates and young professionals who are committed to end education inequity in Nepal starting with two years of fellowship teaching in public schools.

Teach For Nepal fellowship is a two year long, full-time paid employment opportunity. During the two years, Fellows teach in public schools and bring about academic achievement and transformative impact in their students. At the same time, they harness their leadership skills through the teaching experience and intensive development training and support.

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