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Education: MBA, United College

My name is Samiksha Adhikari. I was born in Hetauda, and moved to Kathmandu when I was 3 years old. I have been living here since then. My overall experience as a student was positive. Learning was always fun, and I was able to spend time with my friends.

I was always allowed to make my own decisions, which meant I went through both good and bad phases. But looking back, I think who I have become today – able to stand proud despite some failures, and confident in the love I have from my familiy, friends and my precious students – is my greatest accomplishment till date.

Teaching has always been a passion for me, and I wanted to take part in a challenging mission. I always wanted to do something for my people, for my society and for my country. Seeing the Fellowship vacancy was the first step to fulfilling these desires. I never had any second thoughts. I used to think of it as a teaching job, but now I can say it is more about grooming yourself and transforming other people’s lives.

My thoughts were clear, but my family and friends had mixed feelings about the Fellowship. They were happy to know I had been selected, but they were also worried about how I would successfully live away from home, in a rather difficult place. But when I got an email from TFN offering me the Fellowship, I was just excited. For me it was like a dream come true.

We have a lifetime to achieve our career goals, but the Fellowship is two years where we get to a chance to shape our own vision about what life is and, most importantly, to help a group of kids stand on their own feet by supporting them in becoming capable of making their own, positive, decisions.

It is a huge responsibility to share knowledge and to get others to understand your point of view. I am nervous about teaching those kids who are deprived from even basic necessities. I know that making them understand things that I learned, in a style that suits them,will be a very challenging task.

Ten years from today I can see myself living a happy life with a successful career in business. I know I will also be a part of some organization that stands for children and women’s rights, and against injustice.

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