Core Team

Swastika Shrestha

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder and Director of Training and Support

“Imagine if the world were to suddenly collapse and the world as you know it no longer existed. Education needs you to prepare yourself for this.” - This wisdom from my father led me to spend much of my youth developing my life and leadership skills. Eventually, I had the opportunity to facilitate life and leadership development amongst youth in Nepal as well as in the US. After completing my masters from the US, I worked with UNMIN, and consulted for IUCN, WFP, and UNDP. But my passion for working with youth led me to Teach For Nepal where my current role is to nurture leaders to transform classrooms, communities, and the nation.

Shisir Khanal

Chairman and Co-founder

I had the privilege of growing up all over Nepal as I followed my Baba’s civil service postings in local government institutions. This provided me with a unique opportunity to learn about different communities, development needs, and challenges. After my I.Sc. I left for the US. As I was finishing my Masters, I came across an amazing Gandhian Social Movement based in Sri Lanka: Sarvodaya. I started my professional career leading an effort to support the movement from the US. I was deeply touched by the work of bottom-up approach of social change. That inspired me to start Sarvodaya Nepal, through which I started working in rural Lalitpur. Deep engagement in community organizing allowed me to develop an understanding of the challenges children face in rural areas, particularly around attaining quality education.

Krishna Kumar K.C.

Director of Community Affairs

Over 24 years, I’ve taught in primary and secondary schools in different parts of Lalitpur and spent 10 years as a Head Teacher in Ashrang, one of the furthest VDCs in Lalitpur. I was there for 10 years and learned a lot about the district, and public education. The challenges faced by community schools are tremendous. There are infrastructural problems, policy challenges, the huge distance between students’ schools and homes, and the mindsets, on the part of teachers, head teachers, politicians, parents, and students. But I believe if teachers have energy, and the right mindset, other challenges can be overcome. I’m so proud to be a part of this movement, as we set new trends and raise the leadership skills of a new generation. They are working to build a truly new Nepal.

Shailendra Jha

Recruitment & Selection Director

After completing my Bachelor’s in Engineering from Kantipur Engineering College, professionally I was involved in the management of Brain Works Learning Solution Center Pvt. Ltd., the then Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solution as the Program Manager. Before joining Teach For Nepal in 2014, I used to work as Head of Department at Janakpur Engineering College and was a faculty member of Khwopa College of Engineering. I have been an adjunct faculty at Kantipur Engineering College from 2013 till date. I’ve actively participated in various forums locally as well as globally and have contributed in organizational management, leadership, strategy management, community and educational engagements among others. I joined Teach For Nepal as Recruitment and Selection Manager because I discovered that the work I was doing in the past didn’t impact the grassroots and it didn’t result in any remarkable change. I believe in Teach For Nepal reaching to the grassroots and bringing change in the country with mobilization of young graduates can bring larger systemic change.

Bijay Mani Paudel

Deputy Director of Training and Support (TFN Alumni)

The journey of two years as a Teach For Nepal Fellow in a remote part of Lalitpur has helped me to explore my deep curiosity about life and universe. However, an answer to that might come through a lot of upcoming experiences. But in two years of Fellowship, I learned to celebrate this blissful life to the fullest. Previously I used to believe that politics is everything. But with my experience as a Fellow, my belief has changed. Now I strongly believe that it is education that makes the foundation even for politics. Thus I’m nowhere to work with teachers and students again as a Training and Support Manager. I cannot do everything but I can do something to change a little arc of pollution and drive myself towards the bigger goal of helping to attain an excellent education for all children.

Prajwal Khadka

Partnership Manager (TFN Alumni)

My parents made sure that I received a quality education and sent me to one of the best schools in Kathmandu so I would not have to struggle as they did. During my college, I have worked for LGBT rights, leprosy patient welfare, public education improvement, youth issues and traveled across Nepal to understand my own country. In 2013, I came across Teach For Nepal - drawn by the call to change the nation through education, I was selected as one of the first Cohorts to teach in one of the farthest rural villages in Southern Lalitpur. In those two years of Fellowship, I had a deeper understanding of the community, social issues, and how culture, history and politics come together to create injustices that are reflected in the classroom, in schools and communities. It as well enhanced my leadership, interpersonal skills along with the ability to work in a cross-cultural setting. Having understood that larger community involvement is critical for change in educational outcomes, I continued working for Teach For Nepal movement, currently leading Fundraising and Partnerships, further building and nurturing a larger network to end education inequity in Nepal.

Jalan Maharjan

Senior Leadership Development Manager (TFN Alumni)

According to GB Shaw, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything in their life.” I believe in transformational change and that is possible with our hard work and dedication. I’ve completed my Masters in Rural Development and was involved with various NGOs and INGOs. I saw the bizarre condition of children in diverse parts of the country while I was in different jobs. I think the entire development of the country begins from the classroom, so I was seeking a platform where I could contribute my effort to change the lives of those children. This prompted me to join Teach For Nepal as a Fellow and after two years of Fellowship, I’ve now joined Teach For Nepal as a Senior Leadership Development Manager.

Lochan Paudel

Admin and Logistics Manager

I’ve always had an interest in anything related to “service” – that led me to join Anuvuti as a Service Learning Program Coordinator. I have the experience of working with more than 4000 youth while I worked with Anuvuti. While I was doing my Bachelor’s in Education, I became aware of the public education system and society in Nepal. After that, I completed my Masters in Sociology. Both of these educational experiences led me to join Teach For Nepal, and work for ending educational inequity in Nepal. As an Admin and Logistics Manager, I look after the office management, coordinate logistics, support in finance and manage events.

Khika Prasad Nepal

Community Affairs Manager

I taught at different schools since 2004 and later changed my teaching profession to enter the development field. Subsequently, I’ve worked at various organizations working in the development field for more than 12 years. I completed my Masters of Sociology from Tribhuvan University. Teach For Nepal is the best platform for me to work in my community through the Fellows. As a Leadership Development Manager, I work closely with Fellows whose impact in the community is really praise worthy. I feel accomplished when I see Fellows working so hard in the schools and community and bringing a real change.

Kalyan Adhikari

Impact Evaluation Coordinator (TFN Alumni)

I want to seek satisfaction in life by exploring new challenges and working with my people. I’ve had success in my field of study but now I want to share my learnings and experiences. I want to do something for my people while I still have such zeal, motivation, and time. My friends and my family did not like my idea about coming back from the US. I want to prove to them that I’m not joining TFN because of frustration but because of my true passion for this movement towards ending our national educational injustice. I’m sure that this team of optimistic minds will help us realize our dreams and find happiness in this journey.

Aayusha Prasain

Alumni Impact Officer

After completing my Master’s Degree in International Development with a major in rural and regional development from Nagoya University Japan, I decided to come back to Nepal. Upon returning, I worked as a consultant and researcher for PwC/FSSP, the World Bank Group, Body and Data, and Informal Institute of Youth Team Research Builders. I had the responsibility to support the implementation of various development program and project-related activities in coordination with the relevant stakeholders in Nepal. Along the way, I realized I wanted to work for an organization that is more focused-on youths as they are the future of our country. Knowing that Teach For Nepal is working continuously towards reducing inequality through educating children, I got the strong sense of belief that working with TFN will definitely help me to work for the future leaders of Nepal. With the enthusiastic team, I believe, working here will contribute towards bringing positive impact in eliminating education inequality and providing all Nepalese youth with equal opportunity.

Kishor Subedi

Community Affairs Coordinator (TFN Alumni)

Coming from a middle-class family, I have witnessed multiple social injustices within my community. Result of which I went on a political journey to end this injustice. Not finding a clear answer to my queries, I decided to join Teach For Nepal with lots of doubts in mind and a clear understanding that society cannot progress further unless the people are educated and conscious. Two years’ journey turned out to be an open book for me to manage my impulses, understanding others, and realizing that change cannot be achieved overnight. I was constantly on the move to take one small step at a time, doing things that mattered at the moment, and not waiting for the perfect solution. Considering all of these personal experiences as my asset, I decided to join the staff team as a Community Affairs Coordinator. The decision came with the belief that I can make our educational stakeholders more accountable and responsible for our schools, children, and communities. Because, without our collaboration, our larger goal is somewhat in shade and beyond achievable.

Hom B Thapa

Science Curriculum Development Manager

“We want you to get an education because we want you to have a better life''. This simple yet profound words from my parents always inspire me to become a better person. My parents moved to Kathmandu and struggled throughout their life to ensure my quality education. I did my +2 in from Sainik Awasiya Mahavidhyalaya where I didn’t just earn my degree but learn skills, attitudes, and values of life. Fellowship was the best choice I made for my career after graduation in Electrical Engineering from IOE, Pulchowk Campus. It gave me the opportunity to build a better tomorrow for children of rural Nepal. Two years of teaching experience with limited resources just after the 7.8M earthquake made me believe that quality of education of public schools can be better with quality teachers. Therefore, I decided to continue being part of the movement as Science Curriculum Expert and help increase the academic impact of the public school of rural communities.

Jayanti Lama

English Curriculum Development Manager

Having taught children for seven years, I realized the change was only possible working with the little hearts and minds which drove me to apply for Fellowship and work in the remote part of Lalitpur for two years. The Fellowship journey helped me to know about my own culture and traditions at a deeper level. Being there, I came to know the true essence of life and how each person can help another to aspire even more. The passion for working with kids led me to my current position where I am supporting Fellows and reaching out to hundreds of children by helping them dream big. I believe the greatest power we have is the power to choose. So, I chose to work on this movement to end education inequity in Nepal being even more responsible and committed.

Pratik Ghimire

Maths Curriculum Development Manager

I come from an average family of Janakpur. All of my childhood and school years pushed me to believe that education is the light of hope; the light that has the power to shape an entire generation, and that is why I applied for the Fellowship. The passion for working with kids led me to my current position where I am supporting Fellows and reaching out to hundreds of children by helping them dream big. I believe the greatest power we have is the power to choose. So, I chose to work on this movement to end education inequity in Nepal being even more responsible and committed.

Madhav Prasad Devkota

Leadership Development Manager (TFN Alumni)

As a TFN Fellow, I wasn't just teaching Science to my students; I wanted them to learn many other things like personal hygiene, community’s sanitation, and balanced diet, among others. And as an LDM, I have become a role model, a source of inspiration to the Fellows and help guide our Fellows which would help them face all the challenges in their Fellowship.

Bishal Neupane

Leadership Development Manager (TFN Alumni)

After graduating, I volunteered for various causes and had the privilege of meeting many inspiring personalities. I could clearly see the higher purpose of life. And I wanted to something similar. This is what led me to be a part of Teach for Nepal. It was an opportunity to get back to the education system which is the root cause of most of the problems in the country. I knew there is so much to do in our country and all I can think of is taking one meaningful step at a time. Most importantly, this journey will help me to live a life in such a way that I care not only for myself but for others as well.

Robin Chaudhary

Leadership Development Coordinator (TFN Alumni)

I come from a family that preferred government jobs as a dream job one should pursue in life. While doing my Bachelor’s in medical laboratory technology, I got an opportunity to volunteer for the Urban Health Care and Training Center which helped me get hands-on experience in the grass-root level and that indeed brought big notable changes in me. After my graduation, I worked as a Teach For Nepal Fellow for two years which gave me a clear picture of what education inequity and social injustice looked like in real life. Now joining the TFN staff team as a Leadership Development Coordinator, I want to surpass all my energy and experiences to all the new Fellows and strengthen the belief that one day we are going to end the education inequity in Nepal.

Sujina Shakya

Leadership Development Coordinator (TFN Alumni)

I started as an average student who often felt challenged in school. Today I am proud that I am first in my family to complete the degree and turned as a Fellow who touched so many lives which helped them to turn their fate despite their harsh reality of living in the village! As a Leadership Development Manager, I want to continue this journey by reaching out to more classroom and children in the coming days collaborating with the new Fellows.

Sadhana Shrestha

Leadership Development Coordinator (TFN Alumni)

Working in a public school as a TFN Fellow for two years helped me see the situation of education in the rural areas of Nepal. It made me realize that there are a lot of other factors that affect child’s education. I felt that it is very easy to complain about the education system staying in a privileged city like Kathmandu, but the Fellowship gave me a chance to experience it firsthand. Every child is unique in their own ways. It’s just that we need to have the eyes to see it, a heart to embrace their unique differences and a zeal to bring them forward. Thus, joing TFN team as a Leadership Development Manager, I want to reach out to maximum places so that I can work on to improve education system and also support our Fellows with a dream of achieving our common vision ONE DAY.

Ruma Maharjan

Recruitment Coordinator (TFN Alumni)

Growing up, I had very loving parents who made sure I had a good life. That love did bring in some restrictions. When I told my parents that I wanted to do Teach For Nepal Fellowship they were not happy. They didn't like the idea that their daughter was going to live in a village by herself. Today, my parents are very proud of my work as a Fellow in Lalitpur, the young lives I have touched during the two years. And as a Recruitment Coordinator at Teach For Nepal, I am determined to find that special teacher who can transform students' lives.

Ram Keshar Thapa

Recruitment Coordinator (TFN Alumni)

I have always believed that no child should face inequity just because they could not get a proper education and that was the reason I joined Teach For Nepal Fellowship. Today, as a Recruitment Coordinator I am making sure that my work as a Fellow will be carried on by passionate youths and young professionals who believe that all children in Nepal should attain an excellent education.

Anu Karki

Selection Coordinator (TFN Alumni)

I had a firm belief that change starts from the classroom and will ultimately be reflected in the community. Fellowship was a great opportunity for me to bring that desired change. I believe my two years of Fellowship journey has helped me validate my leadership skills, made my parents and a brother proud that they have raised their girl right. After the Fellowship, I have joined RSM team to work further and to keep the promise that I had made with my students that they will always get the best Fellows even after I leave. Currently, my underlined job is to select the best graduates who will enter into the classrooms and take a step towards creating better classrooms and better communities.

Ashrina Ranjit

Recruitment Coordinator (TFN Alumni)

Two years of my fellowship gave me an opportunity to work towards education equity that is persistent in our society. Moreover, it broadened the horizon of how I had been perceiving it throughout my life. It also showed me different dimensions of struggle and how I can overcome it. It taught me to value my dreams. Now, as a Recruitment Coordinator, I am working to bring in more youths who are driven to work for the dreams of thousands of kids in Nepal to live the dream that one day they will attain an excellent education for I have always been a strong believer and supporter that quality education is a right and not an opportunity.

Rakesh Karna

Finance Officer

Throughout my engagement in the financial sector for more than five years, I was looking for a way to get involved with the social sector. I was looking for a platform which would expand my horizon and not just limit me to mere numbers and figures. I wanted to get into more impact-oriented programs for society. My quest for serving the society came to fruition once I joined TFN. As a Finance Officer, it gives me immense pleasure to work in an organization whose assets are highly qualified youths committed to balancing the liabilities of education and social injustice that our country has been burdened with.

Amir Joshi

Communication Mananger

Seven years ago, when I saw a teacher attend 25 students belonging to five different classrooms at the same time, I wondered how I could change the scenario. After my Masters abroad, I packed my bags and came home looking to see how I could make a difference. Supporting Teach for Nepal to "end education inequity in Nepal" as the Communication Manager, I am finding the answers one fellow at a time.

Sirjana Dhital

Office Assistant

I was born in the village of Chatredeurali in Dhading. There are 12 members in my family - my parents, and my nine siblings. About 12-years ago, I moved to Kathmandu to be closer to my brothers, who were living here. I’ve been working at Teach For Nepal since it started. I don’t understand everything about this movement, but I think it’s really good to see young people going to teach in rural government schools. Only the boys in my own family got to attend school. I believe all children should get the opportunity to learn and have a bright future.

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