Core Team

Shisir Khanal

CEO and Co-founder

I had the privilege of growing up all over Nepal as I followed my Baba’s civil service postings in local government institutions. This provided me with a unique opportunity to learn about different communities, development needs and challenges. After my I.Sc. I left for the US. As I was finishing my Masters, I came across an amazing Gandhian Social Movement based in Sri Lanka: Sarvodaya. I started my professional career leading an effort to support the movement from the US. I was deeply touched by the work of bottom-up social change. That inspired me to start Sarvodaya Nepal, through which I started working in rural Lalitpur. Deep engagement in community organizing allowed me to develop an understanding of the challenges children face in rural areas, particularly around attaining quality education.

Swastika Shrestha

Head of Training and Support, Co-founder

“Imagine if the world were to suddenly collapse and the world as you know it no longer existed. Education needs you to prepare yourself for this.” - This wisdom from my father led me to spend much of my youth developing my life and leadership skills. Eventually, I had the opportunity to facilitate life and leadership development amongst youth in Nepal as well as in the U.S.A. After completing my masters from the U.S.A, I worked with UNMIN, and consulted for IUCN, WFP, and UNDP. But my passion to work with youth led me to Teach For Nepal where my current role is to nurture leaders to transform classrooms, communities, and the nation.

Shailendra Jha

Recruitment and Selection Manager

I completed Masters in Information and Communications Engineering from Technische Hochschule Mittel-Hessen (THM), Germany (2012) and was the International Student Representative at THM from 2010-2011. Before joining Teach For Nepal, I used to work as Head of Department at Janakpur Engineering College and was a faculty member of Khwopa College of Engineering and Kantipur Engineering College. I actively participated in various club activities as well as ICT related activities. I joined Teach For Nepal as Recruitment and Selection Manager because I discovered that the work I was doing in the past didn’t impact the grassroots and it didn’t result in any change. I found TFN reaching to the grassroots and bringing change in the country with mobilization of young graduates.

Krishna Kumar KC

Leadership Development Manager

Over 24 years, I’ve taught primary and secondary school in different parts of Lalitpur, and spent 10 years as a Head Teacher in Ashrang, one of the furthest VDCs in Lalitpur. I was there for 10 years, and learned a lot about the district, and public education. The challenges faced by community schools are tremendous. There are infrastructural problems, policy challenges, the huge distance between students’ schools and homes, and the mindsets, on the part of teachers, head teachers, politicians, parents, and students. But I believe if teachers have energy, and the right mindset, other challenges can be overcome. I’m so proud to be a part of this movement, as we set new trends and raise the leadership skills of a new generation. They are working to build a truly new Nepal.

Amrit Bahadur Paudel

Leadership Development Manager

I was born in a remote village in Lamjung. I joined Teach For Nepal’s Training and Support Team to build on earlier experiences as an educator and teacher trainer with the KISC-EQUIP team. Supporting a single fellow each day means reaching 100 students to help students make the best possible choices. We must work with integrity to build mutual respect, responsibility, humility and a sense of possibility to positively transform lives through quality education. This is an excellent opportunity for me to serve public schools and work toward ending education inequity in Nepal. Working at Teach For Nepal is more than a job – it’s about continuous learning, and improving my own leadership skills. I have faith that one day all children in Nepal will attain excellence in education.

Khika Prasad Nepal

Leadership Development Manager

I taught at different schools since 2004 and later changed my teaching profession to enter the development field. Subsequently, I have worked at various organizations working in the development field for more than 12 years. I completed my Masters of Sociology from Tribhuvan University. Teach For Nepal is the best platform for me to work in my community through the fellows. As a Leadership Development Manager, I work closely with fellows whose impact in the community is really praiseworthy. I feel accomplished when I see fellows working so hard in the schools and community and bringing a real change.

Manoj Pahari

Recruitment Coordinator

I opted to join the Teach For Nepal fellowship to understand the broader social reality of Nepalese society, to explore leadership within myself and to be the part of the movement to bring justice to Nepali children and community. Two years of fellowship became a way to understand my potential, enhance leadership and personality, and develop a greater sense of self-awareness and realization while directly impacting lives of hundreds of children and the community. Realizing the immense need for young talents to go into teaching for two years and then develop themselves into future leaders, I decided to join the Teach For Nepal recruitment team as Recruitment Coordinator.

Lochan Paudel

Admin and Logistics Coordinator

I have always had an interest in anything related to "service" - that led me to join Anuvuti as a Service Learning Program Coordinator. I have the experience of working with more than 4000 youths while I worked with Anuvuti. I did my Bachelors in Education and completed my Masters in Sociology. Both of these educational experiences led me to join Teach For Nepal, and work for ending educational inequity in Nepal. As an Admin and Logistics Coordinator I look after the office management, coordinate logistics, suport in finance and manage events.

Prajwal Khadka

Placement Coordinator

I was involved in various organizations like Blue Diamond Society, Sewa Kendra Leprosy Relief and a few government schools before I came across the TFN fellowship. I found it a perfect way to contribute my part to change instead of complaining, "why things don't change?" My two years of investment in the community has been a total learning experience. I think I gave a little but I earned a lot in terms of experience, in terms of love from the community and belief from my school and students. I belong to the very first cohort and, I believed that I was among a group of Fellows who together sowed the seeds of ending educational inequity in Nepal. I want to see the seed grow into a big tree. I want to see all children receiving an excellent education. Now, as a Placement Coordinator, I am further nurturing this dream of ending educational inequity in Nepal.

Bijay Mani Paudel

Leadership Development Manager

The journey of two years as a Teach For Nepal fellow in a remote part of Lalitpur has helped me to explore my deep curiosity about life and universe. However an answer to that might come through a lot of upcoming experiences. But in two years of fellowship, I learned to celebrate this blissful life to the fullest. Previously I used to believe that politics is everything. But with my experience as a Fellow, my belief has changed. Now I strongly believe that it is education that makes the foundation even for politics. Thus I am now here to work with teachers and students again as a Leadership Development Manager. I cannot do everything but I can do something to change a little arc of pollution and drive myself towards the bigger goal of helping to attain an excellent education for all children.

Jalan Maharjan

Leadership Development Manager

According to GB Shaw, "Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything in their life." I believe in transformational change and that is possible with our hard work and dedication. I have completed my Masters in Rural Development and was involved with various NGOs and INGOs. I saw the bizarre condition of children in diverse parts of the country while I was in different jobs. I think the entire development of the country begins from the classroom, so I was seeking a pltform where I could contribute my effort to change the lives of those children. This prompted me to join Teach FOr Nepal as a fellow and after two years of fellowship, I have now joined Teach For Nepal as Leadership Development Manager.

Laxmi K.C.

Leadership Development Manager

I believe that whatever good life has given to me I want to double it and give it back to society. This led me to become a Teach For Nepal fellow two years ago. I was born in Kathmandu and had the privilege to get good education. I chose Social Work as the subject to study as I always wanted to work for those who are less privileged. My subject allowed me to work with different organizations and that is what led me to Teach For Nepal. I joined here as a Program Assistant then I applied for the fellowship. Now after two years of fellowship, I am a Leadership Development Manager. Two years of experience of the fellowship has given me power and strength to believe that if highly motivated and passionate people come together, they can bring a positive change in the society. Now, as LDM, I am continuing this energy of positivity by working with fellows in this collective effort to end educational inequity in Nepal.

Prabin Raj Niraula

Leadership Development Manager

I worked as an engineer for seven years in rural areas. While working in these rural areas, I began to see low quality of education in public schools. I felt one of the main causes for the deteriorating education quality is that the well-educated youth, upon graduating, never think of going back to public education as a teacher - and I was one of these before I joined this movement as a fellow. I taught for two years in Buddha Secondary School in Tikabhairab as a fellow. This has changed my perspective towards education in the country and given me a wider perspective on the existing problems in the education system. Now, I am applying that experience to support fellows as Leadership Development Manager at Teach For Nepal.

Sirjana Dhital

Office Assistant

I was born in the village of Chatredeurali, in Dhading. There are 12 members in my family - my parents, and my nine siblings. About eleven years ago, I moved to Kathmandu to be closer to my brothers, who were living here. I've been working at Teach For Nepal since it started. I don't understand everything about this movement, but I think its really good to see young people going to teach in rural government schools. Only the boys in my own family got to attend school. I believe all children should get the opportunity to learn and have a bright future.

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