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Education: Master of Business Administration/ B.Sc. in Enviroment Science, Auckland Institute of Studies, New Zealand

My father left his village at the age of 14 with just 50 paisa. He worked as a security guard so that he could provide for our family. Growing up, I never had the privilege of going out for adventures with my friends even though I wanted to travel. Just like any parents in Nepal, they dreamed of me having a government job which is pretty much like winning a lottery, you’re set for life even if that means you are terrible at the job. During school, I barely passed any subjects and was never competitive as my mind used to wander away as soon as the teachers start reading the book. I took tuition after school but that didn’t change my grades until Ramesh sir started teaching us English. His classes were always pleasant to be in and his teaching methods were interesting and hands on. Though he was an English teacher he was great at teaching science as well as math. The more time, I spent learning from him, the more grades started ascending towards hundred. As a Teach For Nepal Fellow, I want to be Ramesh sir to all my students. I want to provide them with a hands-on learning experience. I want them to be creative in finding a solution to the problems. I want to provide them with a platform to unleash their creativity.

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