Janajagriti Secondary School Patubangaon

Janajagriti Secondary School Patubangaon

Janajagriti Secondary School Patubangaon

Shree Jana Jagriti Ma school is one of the public schools in Dang district of Nepal that aims to provide quality education to their students with every single facility that they can obtain in any other private schools. The school facilitates 352 students from ECD to grade ten. With such a vision, the school has successfully established a library and has initiated e-library facilities for its students. Furthermore, with the financial support from the sub-metropolitan office, the school has recently set up another ICT laboratory.

However, the initiation to provide advanced facilities for students is just limited to its small building because of a lack of funds to expand classrooms for other purposes. For example, lacks a science laboratory for the practical and experiments of the laws and theories taught in classes. The playground for students is very small but the students still manage to play sports like basketball and volleyball. However, the students are not provided with sports materials such as balls, chess, ludo, and so on by the school due to its financial issues. Also, there is a tank for drinking water but it is not well-organized as the students litter the area with plastics of junk food. Our fellows along with some of the local teachers tried to address this problem but because of the weak management system and internal conflict amongst other teachers it was not feasible. Other challenges include unhygienic toilets because they are not cleaned by anyone which can cause diseases spread by flesh-eating bacteria and norovirus. As parents play a vital role in the overall development of their children in the school as well as in the community. However, the parents of the students are not enthusiastic and encouraged towards their children’s education.

  • Established: 2018
  • Placement from: 2018-04-15

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