Shree Ram Devi Secondary School is located at a scenic place called Jalkeni, Chautara Sangachokgadhi Municipality‐10, Sindhupalchowk. The eastern side of the school is covered with forests, in western side, there is Harre Hills, in a Northern side is Dolalghat – Chautara Road and southern side gives a view of Bimreni Village.

Started off in 2018 BS (1961 AD) as a primary level school, it ran classes from Grade 1 to 5 till 2029 BS (1972 AD). In 2068 BS (2011 AD) it got a license to run up to class 10. 16 Teachers including TFN Fellows are teaching in the school. The SLC pass percent has been 94%, 53.33%, 37.5%, 62.96% and 29.16% in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 AD respectively. Regarding the school’s infrastructure, there are 12 classrooms, 4 toilets, and 8 computers.

There are over 350 students enrolled there and they belong to Tamang, Hindu and Buddhist families. Most of the parents are dependent on farming and many have gone to the Gulf countries for employment.

Earthquake Impact:

The building saw some minor cracks but is functioning fine. Some maintenance is needed, though. TLCs have also been built with the help of Tuki Sangh, CG and UML (Political Party) along with some other organizations. Relief has been provided by the various organization including TFN, Red Cross and Nepal Hilfe.

  • Established: 1961
  • Placement from: 2014-04-16

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