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Satkanyamati Secondary School lies in the northern part of Sindhupalchowk district which is an economically poor school. With the help of organizations and many other, we are now able to teach our students in fully furnished classrooms, which has been a milestone for us. And still, we have the desire to do more for this school and we are thinking off setting up SEE preparation camp for the school. Many students do not get time for study in their home due to lack of space and household chores. We are planning to run a hostel so that they don't have to spend time travelling hours to school. For the hostel to run, we will collect nominal fees from the students but there are some students who are still unable to pay these fees due to their economic status. SEE preparation camp is designed to help the prospective SEE students keeping them under the guidance of teacher for the whole day. Students will get up early in the morning and start the day with meditation and physical exerci...

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Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) is a month-long mentorship program in which youth leaders participate to organize and raise funds for an educational experience in Kathmandu for 50-60 children from Teach for Nepal Fellows’ classrooms. This year Big Brothers and Big Sisters will put together a program designed to give exposure and build aspiration of children and will also conduct various fund raising activities to raise 2 lakhs rupees to fund the trip. Last year, the BBBS team of 15 youths collected donations by conducting fund raising programs. The youths engaged in activities like Car Wash at colleges and at Bhat Bhateni Super Market, Bake n’ Sale at St. Xavier’s College, and a song dedication program called “Cupid For A Cause” to raise the required amount of fund. The fund was used in carrying out the children’s tour. It was a 4 day long program in which the children visited various historical as well as some recreational places. Most of the children hadn’t even been to Kathmand...

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