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Students in our school are familiar with life that involves their family, school and farm field. They haven't seen life beyond their village. Simply, their world seems to be limited within Baghchaura. We want them to learn and know about the world that is beyond Baghchaura. Their exposure in this educational trip will assist them to understand others’ lives, reflect about their present condition and to know what the future can hold for them. Furthermore, this trip can be a turning point in their lives to dream bigger which is our vision for the student. We want our students to have a bigger platform to showcase their project work. Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) is a program that is lead by a group of incoming cohort and other selected youth to provide education access and exposure to students. Each year, almost 45 children from different Teach For Nepal schools come to Kathmandu for a very exciting learning opportunity. These students will get access to variety of opportunities; vis...

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Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) is a month-long mentorship program in which youth leaders participate to organize and raise funds for an educational experience in Kathmandu for 50-60 children from Teach for Nepal Fellows’ classrooms. This year Big Brothers and Big Sisters will put together a program designed to give exposure and build aspiration of children and will also conduct various fund raising activities to raise 2 lakhs rupees to fund the trip. Last year, the BBBS team of 15 youths collected donations by conducting fund raising programs. The youths engaged in activities like Car Wash at colleges and at Bhat Bhateni Super Market, Bake n’ Sale at St. Xavier’s College, and a song dedication program called “Cupid For A Cause” to raise the required amount of fund. The fund was used in carrying out the children’s tour. It was a 4 day long program in which the children visited various historical as well as some recreational places. Most of the children hadn’t even been to Kathmand...

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School Background Terse Higher Secondary School is situated in the western part of Sindhupalchowk district, Talamarang, Melamchi Municipality, Ward 2, Nepal. Terse School started as a primary school in February, 1990 AD to solve the need of education in the community. It ran classes from grade 1 to 5 until 2003 AD. In 2014 AD, the school added higher secondary level with Humanities, Management and Education faculty. The need Student Need In order to develop a 21st century students who are scientifically skilled, academically trained and technological savvy, the school wants to build a new, well equipped science lab. Science isn’t about just the text in the books, the theories, and formulas. Science is about ‘learning by doing’. Students need to actually experiment to believe it and to comprehend the text book content. Most of the theories, facts mentioned in the book are hard to visualize and comprehend just by reading. Students need to see, do and then learn. ...

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Katrait Village Katrait village is located in Andupatti VDC, Dhanusha, Janakpur, Nepal. It is approximately 5 kilometer away from a small city of Janakpur, Bhanuchok. Although it has accessibility by rough road network, a route for public vehicle has not been established yet. Hence, it is accessible only by foot or via a private vehicle. The population includes castes like Yadav, Sah, Mukhiya, Mandal and Kapar. People are engaged in the occupation like agriculture, carpentry, house painting etc. and most of them have to travel to city for the job. Another major source of income for the village is the remittance as many of the adults are abroad, mostly in the gulf nation. The village lacks proper facilities like proper road network, drainage system and sanitation system. Many of the household do not have toilet and are compelled to open defecation. The education accessibility of the village is through a local governmental school or via private education institutions in the city...

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