Application Deadline: Dec. 15, 2017

Position Title: Mathematics Teacher Trainer and Impact Manager
Job Level: Manager
Job Commitment: Full-time
Reporting to: Director of Training and Support
Location: Based in Kathmandu with travels to Teach for Nepal Fellow placement regions

The goals of this position are:
1. To innovate, research and train Teach for Nepal Fellows on mathematic pedagogical tools that drive rigorous vision driven classrooms.
2. To innovate different tools and techniques to integrate mathematics with other non-academic and critical thinking and life skills.
3. To continuously support Teach for Nepal Fellows through training and coaching and manage the overall academic impact in all mathematics classrooms.

Primary responsibilities:
1. Conduct Math teacher training.
2. Identify pedagogical needs in the Math classrooms and find instructional tools to address it.
3. Identify classroom trends to analyze if it is leading towards Teach for Nepal’s long-term vision.
4. Innovate pedagogical approaches to increase the rigor of mathematics lessons.
5. Design assessment tools that help identify our current classroom needs against our vision.
6. Learn from International best practices.
7. Track student’s academic and non-academic outcomes and evaluate progress.
8. Design tools like - unit plan, remedial packets, and assessments.
9. Document Fellow’s best practices and share with all the teachers.
10. Form meaningful partnerships, share and collaborate in order to increase impact on all our students.

Minimum Requirements to apply:
1. Masters in mathematics, or Bachelors in mathematics with Masters in relevant subjects.
2. Minimum 2 years of teaching mathematics in secondary and higher secondary level.
3. Substantial teacher training experience.
4. Proficient in operating Excel and Word application.
5. Proficiency in written and spoken English and Nepali required. Maithili/Tamang/Awadhi is an asset.

1. Ability to effectively lead and manage people to drive rigorous classroom outcomes and impact.
2. Good comprehension of mathematics curriculum, national vision for education, SDG-4.
3. Ability to design unit and lesson plans, and assessments.
4. Ability to operate with urgency and sense of possibility to achieve ambitious, and measurable results.
5. Competency in collecting, processing and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to draw accurate conclusions on teacher’s performance and student achievement.
6. Making informed, timely decisions and using sound judgment to prioritize actions.
7. Tracking tasks, assessing progress, and following through on the execution of plans.
8. Developing and cultivating relationship and networks in order to achieve results.
9. Inspiring committed and positive action toward individual and organizational goals.
10. Exemplifying TFN’s core values – Sense of Agency, Sense of possibility, Sense of Urgency, Sense of Integrity, Commitment to Excellence, Mutual respect and responsibility, and Continuous Learning.

Success indicators in this position:
1. Highly motivated and inspired Teach for Nepal Fellows driving rigorous vision-driven outcomes in all Teach for Nepal’s Mathematics classrooms.
2. Pedagogical innovations that drive measurable academic and non-academic outcomes in student’s academic as well as non- academic achievement.
3. Personal growth, learning, and development to further TFN’s mission.

Additional responsibilities:
When time and workload permit, Mathematics Teacher Trainer and Impact Manager is also expected to participate or support the over all work of Training and Support team, Monitoring and Evaluation, Recruitment and Selection, Fundraising and Administration.

Salary and Benefits:
According to Teach for Nepal’s HR policy.

Note on the Application Process:
All applicants will go through first interview, followed by a two-day of assessment, and a final interview. Accepted candidate will be expected to be available to start by 15th Jan 2017. Application Process: Email your letter of interest and C.V. to by December 15, 2017

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