Teach for Nepal offers an attractive incentive package for selected Fellows. The package includes leadership training opportunities, financial incentives, internship and the possibility of job placements as well as opportunities for scholarships and graduate studies (for a Master’s degree) in prestigious colleges and universities in Nepal and abroad.


Teach for Nepal focuses on learning and exercising leadership skills in classrooms and communities. Leadership training begins with an intensive 6-8 weeks of pre-service training before the Fellows enter the classrooms. Over the two years of variety, the Fellows receive a variety of personal and professional development training. These trainings will prepare the Fellows to develop soft skills such as communication, presentation, project management, negotiation skills to become change agents and leaders for continued success in their career after they complete two years of service with Teach for Nepal.


Each Fellow will receive Rs. 466,000 during the two years of Fellowship plus benefits. In some communities the Fellows may also receive in-kind support such as accommodation and meals; however these support will be entirely dependent on the community itself. Teach For Nepal also provides medical insurances coverage to all Fellows valued at Rs. 150,000 and accidental insurance valued at Rs. 500,000.


Teach for Nepal is working with a number of private sector institutions and non-governmental organizations, all of whom recognize service with Teach for Nepal as a valid job experience. Some of these institutions also offer internships, guarantee interviews, and job opportunities for qualified Teach for Nepal Fellows.


Teach for Nepal experience is recognized by several colleges and universities around the world. Teach for Nepal Fellows will receive recognition from a number of top US universities. The Fellowship benefit will include admission deferral, waivers on admission fee, and even scholarship opportunities.


TFN Fellows will have access to a global network for similar movements active in 38 different countries around the globe, including in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, and China. Teach for Nepal Fellows will have the opportunity to collaborate and work together with Fellows in other country programs working to solve education inequity in their own countries.

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