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Education: LLB / BLaw, Kathmandu University School of Law Kathmandu University, Nepal

For most part of my life, I followed my elder sister. I liked what she liked and hated what she hated. It was not until she went to India to pursue higher studies that I discovered things about me, things that I liked and hated. My family along with my teachers have played a significant role in my student life. I always loved the subjects taught by good teachers.

A good education has given me the ability to understand the thought process of people, and where they are coming from when they say or do something. It has also helped me discover creative and innovative things that people have created all around the world. These have shaped me into what I am in terms of how I think.

One of the things I remember about the first meetings with Teach For Nepal is how everyone was joking with each other and how comfortable everyone made me feel. My interviewer wore a smile and was supportive in helping me understand my own answers. The thought of giving back to the society and being a morally good human being encouraged me to apply for the Fellowship. I want to be a TFN Fellow to teach, to help children, to become independent myself and to learn about life.

Fellow Stipend
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00
1.0% Raised
USD $4,950.00NPR 495,000.00

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