Established in 2027B.S, Ambeshwari Secondary School is situated at a distance of about 347km away from Kathmandu which is 17 KM away from Tulsipur bus park city area. The school is close to Shitalpur Temple near the Babai River which is a popular landmark near the school. The total number of students enrolled per academic year is around 500. The community around the school comprises a diverse background with 50% residents from the Tharu community, 30% are from Bahamian and Chhetri community, while 15% belong to the Dalit community and 5% are from Janjati community. The majority of the people in Ambapur are originally from the same place but some of the people have migrated from Salyan to Ambapur.

The community is supportive, friendly, warm, and welcoming towards school, school family, and those individuals who travel to Ambapur as tourists/ guests. The school has started building resources like computer labs with few computer sets to a huge playground for the students who are always keen on learning new things. But the school lacks a variety of sports items, physical infrastructure which needs renovation to cater a larger number of students. The school as well lacks proper classrooms for few classes. Another major thing that the school lacks is that it's not facilitated with other labs for practical experiments.

  • Established: 2018
  • Placement from: 2018-04-15

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