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Born in a rural village in Far Western Development Region I was lucky to get a good education as my grandfather invested his savings to educate me at a private boarding school, while rest of my siblings were enrolled in public school. It clearly depicted the educational inequality in my own family. I managed to get a good education from Pokhara University even though I faced lots of financial hardship and struggle. I was honoured with “Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Class C” gold medal from honourable President, Mrs Bidhya Devi Bhandari for securing top position among Bachelor level of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. I got the opportunity to participate in JENESYS 2.0 a student exchange program in Tokyo, Japan. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I was in search of meaningful and impactful work and Teach for Nepal provided me with the opportunity. I was placed in Bhotenamlang Secondary School of Sindhupalchowk District, 45 km from Kathmandu. There, I no...

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Education is one of the most important part of our life. It is no secret that a good education has the power to change a life. It is the key to success. I feel so lucky that I have a privilege to get a good education since my childhood. All this credit goes to my parents who value the education and its importance in my life. But not everyone is lucky like me and not everybody has privilege to get good education like us. Once I was reading an article about the Education crisis in Nepal and I was blown up by the facts and figures. β€˜β€™One hundred thousand students do not complete their school.’’ This means they will not have same life opportunities as other children. I was saddened by the fact. I feel like I need to do something for this but could not figure out how to do that have. On doing research, I came to know about Teach for Nepal, one of the not for profit organisation that is working on this issue. Teach for Nepal is only the organisation, passionately w...

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i Ready i-Ready is an instructional tool particularly designed for helping students make a gain in reading and math. The online portal consists of a lot of interactive games that makes learning fun and helps the students interact with their problem consistently. This improves the student's overall learning growth and curriculum. With the use of i-Ready login, teachers can also track their student's academic activity on regular basis throughout the year which makes them aware of their students learning capability so that they can diagnose the fault accordingly. Following are the login steps through which employees can get access to the i-Ready portal. - First, visit URL from your web browser on a PC or a mobile. - Once you get to the login page you need to enter your login details such as username and password. - Click the drop-down option and select your state name from the list. - Hit the login button to access the portal. Article 7

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