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The Teach for Nepal Fellowship focuses on leadership and working towards achieving success for yourself and others. The Fellowship involves two years of full-time commitment. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding two years of leadership training available for young people.

The intensive leadership training program is designed to tackle some of the most pressing issues in Nepal – education inequality and quality of education – while preparing young people to become effective leaders.


Fellows take a leadership role from day one in the classroom. While teaching in high-need public schools in Nepal, Fellows play a key role in improving the academic outcomes - and thus, often the possible life trajectories – of students they teach. TFN Fellows will focus on maths, science, and English, three subjects that determine the future of over 90% of the students who fail in the SLC. Fellows believe in the inherent potential of each student and work diligently to put each child onto a different life path.

Teach for Nepal Fellows lead by action, and display courage and compassion while supporting children in difficult socio-economic circumstance to excel. They become role models.


During the fellowship, Fellows will have the opportunity to identify, design, and implement community based projects. Called Mero samudaya mero dayitwa (My community, My Responsibility), Fellows will work with students, the school team, and community members to solve real problems in school or communities served by their school. These projects will benefit the community, and help Fellows develop project management and leadership skills.


A TFN Fellow’s commitment to excellence and leadership does not end after two years. As alumni, Teach for Nepal Fellows will engage in a variety of leadership roles to bring fundamental transformations to education in Nepal. They will become life-long leaders who work to ensure quality education for all children in Nepal.

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