Home: Aitabare, Ilam, Mechi

Education: B.B.A., Quest International College, Pokhara University, Nepal

Teach For Nepal has been my destiny. Coming across this fellowship, I immediately applied for it. I am really excited to go to a school as a teacher and help hundreds of students’ pursue their dreams.

I changed nine schools in my life from primary to higher secondary, and even between public and private schools. This has made me realize the importance of the learning environment and having great teachers. I found it much harder to study and receive an education in public schools.

This experience made me contemplate a lot. Why is there such education disparity in my country? Why couldn’t I study in public schools properly?

This is why I call Teach For Nepal my destiny, because I am not only seeking answers to my questions but I am also trying to provide a quality education to public school students.

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"TFN House"
PO BOX 3739
140 Chitra Marga, Kantipath
Jamal, Kathmandu, Nepal


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