Home: Dhapakhel, Lalipur, Bagmati

Education: Bachelor’s of Nursing, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India

I learned from my parents was that life is a battle, and knowledge is the only weapon to win it. My life’s philosophy is mostly guided by my father’s direction. According to him, people who work hard stand out amo ngst the crowd.

Highly motivated to become a doctor, I took Biology as my major in high school. As responsibilities took over my dreams, I changed my career path and ended up studying Nursing in India. I believe that all the hard times come in our life to make us strong and to realize our true potential. In spite of all the challenges of a new place, faces, culture, language and food, I gave my best without losing hope, and I was able to keep working hard and top all my exams.

I believe quality education helps people dream big and follow the right path. The first time I heard about TFN’s mission, I decided that it could become my path for supporting and helping the needy. I have always felt that inequality in education has stood as a barrier in the country’s development. After learning about TFN, I saw this as an opportunity to live my dream to serve the needy and my country, and I decided not let it go.

As a TFN Fellow, I see myself working for the welfare of children in remote villages and I will make sure to support them to achieve their goals. I think that all rural students deserve a better future and all the support to do their best in life. This Fellowship will be one way for me to give them what they need and deserve.

Fellow Stipend
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00
0.0% Raised
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00

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