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Shree Janajyoti Secondary School, nestled in Raniyapur within Tulsipur-13, Dang, is situated approximately 21 kilometers southwest of Tulsipur town. Established in 2014 B.S., this school serves as an educational hub not only for Raniyapur but also for neighboring villages like Majghatuwa, Barakuti, Rampur, and Bakhariya. The student body, totaling around 300, primarily comprises Dalits and Chettris, with a smaller representation of Brahmins and Magars. Most students hail from economically vulnerable backgrounds, with parents engaged in farming or foreign employment, directly impacting students' presence in school due to familial responsibilities or economic support. Over time, the school has received municipal support to enhance its infrastructure and learning resources.

Since 2075 B.S., Teach For Nepal has placed Fellows in this school, focusing on innovative learning and leadership. The Fellows' dedication has garnered immense appreciation from both the community and students, motivating them to strive for continual improvement in both educational standards and the overall well-being of the students and the school premises.

  • Established: 1957
  • Placement from: 2018-04-15

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