Students at Shree Secondary School

The students of Shree Secondary School in Mithileshwor Mauwahi of Dhanusha district are very lucky to have their school located near a beautiful huge pond. The presence of the pond has made the school’s environment very pleasant and peaceful. Boladatta Kayastha had initiated and established the school in 2019 BS (1962 AD). Only lower secondary classes were run during the start and the school was upgraded as a secondary school only in 2008 AD.

With majority of the students being girls, the school runs classes till Grade 10. A total of over 1300 students (600 boys and 700 girls) are studying there. In 2014, 215 students appeared in the SLC examinations but only 125 students passed. Over 300 children are enrolled in school each year. The literacy rate is around 40-45%. Students are involved in the Child Club. PTA and SMC haven’t been established yet. Mostly Hindus and Muslim reside in the vicinity and students cycle for 30-40 minutes to attend the classes. There is no hostel facility for the students. Maithili is primarily used for instructions.

A total of 21 teachers (5 female and 6 male) are teaching there. Out of these, 9 are private teachers and 8 are Relief Quota teachers. Amita Sharma and Khusbu Shah are the current TFN Fellows who have been teaching there since 2017 AD.

As per the facilities, there is no police station nearby. However, mobile phone service is good. Hand pump is used for drawing drinking water. Separate toilets are available for boys and girls. Electricity is available from national grid. There is no playground for the students to play outdoor games. The school lacks a library, science lab, computer lab and math lab as well. There aren’t enough desks/benches for junior level classes and only 3 classes have white boards. The estimated annual budget of the school is around 15 lakhs.

The earthquake had minimal effects on the school’s infrastructures. All the 13 classrooms are safe and the desks, furniture and electronic equipment didn’t see any damage. However, the school saw minor damages in drinking water system as hand pumps and plastic pipes were damaged.

To reach the school, you have to first go to Janakpur by bus/flight and then again take local buses or e-rickshaws that are available to commute locally.

  • Established: 1962
  • Placement from: 2015-04-16

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