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Seated in a semi-circle, the entire class was quiet. The students were all gazing at me with probing eyes - like grandchildren listening to their grandma telling stories. I knew I had their complete attention. Out of nowhere, a hand shot up in the air. "Next time, can you bring the videos of how planes are made," said Prakash.  I was surprised to hear this from a student who had been unresponsive to my efforts since the beginning of my Fellowship. His face was lit with curiosity during the entire class.  The idea for 'Aero Project began when I was teaching students from grade eight about transportation. While teaching my students about modes of transportation, my students voiced that they had only seen airplanes in movies and in the sky flying above them and never had the chance to see it up close. The goal of the Aero Project is to bring airplanes inside the classroom. The project will teach students about the fundamental of airplanes; Basics of Fli...

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