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In 2014 April, I was placed as a Teach For Nepal Fellow at a school in Simle, Lalitpur. A remote village, which took about 5 hours on a local bus and over an hour of an uphill climb. A few months later, in July, results of national board examination School Leaving Certificate (SLC) was announced. Unfortunately, not a single student from placement school passed. About a year back, I learnt that one of the students, Sangita Jimba, that I and other Teach For Nepal Fellows taught at the school was selected to attend High School at United World College (UWC) in Germany. As a teacher, I couldn’t be prouder. Sangita is the first student, not just from her school but from that entire region, to get selected for such a prestigious international opportunity. Over the years, through the effort of Teach For Nepal Fellows, I have seen several changes in the schools and communities across the country. This wouldn't have been possible without the goodness of hundreds of people: ...

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