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Back in 2014, I decided to join TFN and volunteer as a Fellow in a public school in remote areas teaching children for two years. It was not a difficult decision, given the fact that I had received a good education because of support I received from my family. Good education provided me with many choices; Living in Kathmandu close to my family, working in an organization of my choice, go abroad, or just do anything that pleased me. But I chose to teach in a public school in a remote area of Lalitpur for two years because I believed that I could make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children by providing them with a good education. The placement school I taught was 60 km (less than 40 Miles) away from Kathmandu but was a day long drive. Since the village was at the top of the mountain, water was scarce. Other daily supplies need had to be carried on the back of a person. Since not many young people live in the village, it is often older children who carry them. ...

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