Brijesh taking extra classes

One Compassionate Story To Begin 2024

Dec. 31, 2023

Inspired by the dedication of his Teach For Nepal Fellows, 15-year-old Brijesh says, "Seeing them come from afar to teach in our community made me realize I can make a difference too."

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TFN Fellow Nirmala along with her students

Unveiling the Resilient Dreamer

June 15, 2023

TFN Science Fellow, Nirmala Karki says, “When I announced the news about PEBL exhibition, I saw a spark ignite in Suresh’s eyes. He was immediately ecstatic and bombarded me with questions. It was evident that he was overjoyed because something new and exciting was finally happening at his school.”

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A “Force” to be Reckoned With

A “Force” to be Reckoned With

May 31, 2023

When students had a hard time remembering formulas, she would play fun games with them. For instance, she’d pair up students and assign them a chapter each. They would then use cue cards to quiz each other and help each other learn such concepts. Sometimes she urged her students to stop and smell the flowers. “How else can students understand environmental science?”, she says. One can’t help but agree with her.

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From Virtual Challenges to Classroom Triumphs: A Science Fellow's Remarkable Journey of Connection and Empowerment

From Virtual Challenges to Classroom Triumphs: A Science Fellow's Remarkable Journey of Connection and Empowerment

April 15, 2023

Looking back, I take immense pride in the numerous events and projects I organized during my fellowship - from coordinating educational exhibitions to collaborating on climate change initiatives, I have expended relentless effort to provide my students with enriching experiences.

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Sushil with his student in PEBL lab

हामी कागजको मोडलबाट निकै माथि उठिसक्यौं!

March 21, 2023

"विद्यालय रहेको गाउँ सखुवापर्सौनीमा आउने बिजुली पोखरिया नगरपालिकाबाट प्रसारण हुने रहेछ। पोखरिया नगरपालिकामा थुप्रै कलकारखाना छन्। तिनले दिउँसो बढी ऊर्जा खपत गर्ने भएकाले गाउँतिर बिजुली कटौती गरिने रहेछ।
मैले बिजुलीबिनै चल्ने प्रोजेक्टर बनाउन विद्यार्थीहरूलाई उत्साहित गराएँ। हामीले सिंगल लेन्स र डबल लेन्स प्रोजेक्टर बनायौं। यसले मोबाइल फोनको दृश्य ठूलो बनाएर देखाउन सक्थ्यो।"

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Embracing the Marvels of Science: Unleashing Curiosity and Empowering Young Minds

Embracing the Marvels of Science: Unleashing Curiosity and Empowering Young Minds

Feb. 15, 2023

As I distributed the carefully tailored lab coats, an infectious wave of excitement swept through the classroom. Without hesitation, some students eagerly slipped into their coats, seeking approval from their peers on their new appearance.

Their elation filled the air as they exclaimed, "Look at me! I resemble Mahabir Pun!"

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Dibyadarsi Nepal, Dhanusa

A Fellow's Quest to Unlock Mathematical Brilliance

Jan. 15, 2023

Dibyadarshi explains, “My classes are now a combination of the traditional teaching methods and the more recent alternative methods. However, when I first started my journey as a math Fellow, I never thought that the traditional teaching method which is the subject of derision amongst the teachers, trainers and students alike will find a place in my lessons.”

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PEBL Parsa

PEBL: Fun Space For Learning

Dec. 15, 2022

PEBL has been an ongoing learning program for Teach For Nepal (TFN) since January 2022 in collaboration with Tufts University in two districts of Nepal, Dang and Parsa.

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Binod Manila 4

Building a more robust foundation through collaboration - A Story of Collaboration post covid

Sept. 15, 2022

The pandemic might have come with its challenges, however, with such relentless and dedicated teachers, our vision for our students will still be achievable one Fellow, one student, and one classroom at a time. One day, all Nepal's children will have access to an excellent education.

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Teach For Nepal Organizes Successful Solidarity Walkathon to Support Public School Students

Teach For Nepal Organizes Successful Solidarity Walkathon to Support Public School Students

July 1, 2023

Amidst pouring rain, more than 500 college students and young professionals, who had committed to raising 1,000 rupees each, joined hands to express their commitment that no children, irrespective of their socio-economic background, will be left behind.

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APAC Program Design and Learning Conference Inspires Education Leaders

June 7, 2023

With the pandemic and other challenges urging a reevaluation of training support systems for Fellows, programs are now placing a stronger emphasis on fostering student leadership. In this conference, partners at various stages of their program design journey came together to explore the 'Teaching As Collective Leadership' framework, reflect on program strengths and gaps, enhance training and support, and embrace the power of monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL).

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10 Years of Successfully Working with the Communities

10 Years of Successfully Working with the Communities

April 16, 2023

Over the past 10 years, we have successfully trained and placed 409 Alumni to work in public schools across 7 districts, 98 schools, and 100+ communities. Our Fellows have worked to transform the lives of hundreds of students and touched the lives of thousands of community members through their work.

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Campaign ends on: April 30, 2024

In 2023, I have had the chance to summit two mighty peaks: Aconcagua, the towering summit of the Western Hemisphere (6,961m), and Ama Dablam in Nepal (6,812m). To commemorate this milestone, my aim is to raise USD 20,000 for education initiatives in Nepal, with Teach For Nepal being a key project I've chosen to support. We all carry memories of at least one teacher who left an indelible mark on us, reshaping our worldview. Teach For Nepal excels in creating such transformative experiences. Nepal faces a challenge with under-resourced public schools, struggling to attract and retain teachers. Annually, a staggering 80% of students in these schools do not complete secondary education. The Teach For Nepal Fellowship provides a full-time, two-year paid opportunity for Nepalese graduates. During this period, Fellows engage in teaching roles within rural village public schools, fostering academic achievement and profound changes among their students. Simultaneously, they hone their leadersh…

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Shree Secondary School (Mithile…

Mithilieshwar, Mauwahi-1, Dhanusha

The school is situated in the northeast of Janakpur, about 12 kilometers from the city. It was founded by Late Jahuri Mandal, who began the school with a small group of 10-15 students. Born as a humble abode of learning, it commenced its journey with a handful of students and offered lower secondar…

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Shree Satkanya Mati Secondary S…

Gunsa, Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Muncipality-5,…

Shree Satkanyamati Secondary School, a venerable institution established in 2018 BS (1961 AD), stands as a testament to educational excellence in the Sindhupalchowk district of Bagmati province. Situated at the juncture of Bhotenamlang and Bhotang, the school holds a pivotal place in the local land…

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Janajyoti Secondary School

Tuhi Raniyapur, Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan-13, Dang

Shree Janajyoti Secondary School, nestled in Raniyapur within Tulsipur-13, Dang, is situated approximately 21 kilometers southwest of Tulsipur town. Established in 2014 B.S., this school serves as an educational hub not only for Raniyapur but also for neighboring villages like Majghatuwa, Barakuti,…

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Teach For Nepal fellowship is a two year long, full-time paid employment opportunity. During the two years, Fellows teach in public schools and bring about academic achievement and transformative impact in their students. At the same time, they harness their leadership skills through the teaching experience and intensive development training and support.

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