Shree Bagh Bhairab Secondary School (Chaughare)

Shree Baghbhairab Higher Secondary School was established with aspirations that children living in the Chaughare VDC of Lalitpur would get exposed to different career options rather than just going for primitive farming.

The school, started in 2017 BS (1960 AD), served till Grade 1 initially. It took about 52 years to extend the classrooms to Grade 10. Currently, 219 students (99 Girls and 120 boys) are studying there. The School enrollment rate among children is about 95% but school dropout rate among school students before primary level is high (about 55%). The total number of teachers is 12 among which 5 are female and 7 are male teachers. Two of them are TFN Fellows.

Mostly Tamangs (98%) live in the VDC while the rest 2% are Newars and Chhetris. Farming is the major livelihood source. People cultivate vegetables such as cabbage, potato, tomato, radish and pumpkin in the green hills and they are transported to Chapagaon vegetable market for sales. Students walk for 10 minutes to 2 hours on average each day to come to school. There is no hostel facility. The students get mid­day meal at school provided by Teach For Nepal.

There is only Chaughare Health Post in the VDC. Nepal Telecom and NCell mobile services are available. Drinking water is supplied for 5­6 hours in the morning everyday which is distributed throughout the village through water pipes. There is load shedding though electricity is available. Internet broad link tower has been set up but due to financial constraints the school has not been able to utilize the facility.

Toilets have been built but they are unhygienic and damaged after earthquake. There is no proper water storage system in school and since water supply is only available in the mornings, there is poor management of hand washing and toilet cleaning facilities. The school lacks a well-equipped science lab and library. There is a small computer lab with 7 computers. Desks/benches are enough for all students. Each of the classrooms has access to whiteboards. The

Primary medium of instructions is Nepali and Tamang and a little bit of English. There is a Club known as “Prakriti Club” in the school that organizes afforestation and plantation program. Estimated annual budget of the school is about Rs 33,00,000. 75% revenue is generated from Government, 10% from the VDC and 15% from the school itself. In order to reach Chaughare, you need to get a bus from Chapagaon. The distance is 18 km and you reach there in about two and half hours. Earthquake Impact

Most of the classrooms were damaged by the earthquake so temporary classes have been constructed. Class 8 is run in a tent on the ground as there were no classrooms available for them after earthquake. Toilets are damaged, too.

Almost all of the houses have been damaged in the community. Many people are living in temporary houses recently made using local resources. Most of the people have suffered from damage of crops.

  • Established: 1960
  • Placement from: 2015-04-16

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