Jagrup Sah Ram Pukar Sah Secondary School 4

Jagrup Sah Ram Pukar Sah Secondary School 2

Jagrup Sah Ram Pukar Sah Secondary School

Jagrup Sah Ram Pukar Sah Secondary School 2

Shree Jagrup Sha Rampukar Sha Secondary School, situated in Mithilabihari Municipality Ward No. 2, Purandaha, is an esteemed educational institution that was established in the year 2014 B.S. Initially, the school consisted of three blocks accommodating classrooms for three classes, running up to grade 7. Recognizing the need for expansion, the Village Panchayat President generously donated Ailani land and ponds in support of the school. As a token of gratitude, the school was jointly named after the esteemed donors, Jagrup Sha and Rampukar Sha, who provided significant financial assistance to construct additional classrooms.

Over time, the school progressed to offer grades 8, 9, and 10 in the years 2042, 2043, and 2044 respectively. Subsequently, in the years 2065 and 2066, the school introduced higher secondary education, with a strong emphasis on providing quality education and improving the student pass rates.

To ensure the well-being of its students, the school has implemented a water treatment plant, guaranteeing access to pure drinking water. Additionally, the school maintains clean and hygienic washrooms equipped with clean water facilities. In recent years, the school has made significant advancements in terms of infrastructure, including the establishment of a computer lab and science labs. Furthermore, each classroom is equipped with smart boards, facilitating practical and interactive learning experiences for students.

Shree Jagrup Sha Rampukar Sha Secondary School is a diverse community comprising primarily of the Madheshi community, including Yadav, Sha, Mandal, Muslim, and Mahara. The community sustains itself through various means such as farming, foreign employment, and business ventures. The preferred language of communication within the community is Maithali. People joyously celebrate festivals such as Chaat, Dashain, Tihar, Eid, and Holi, among others, further fostering a vibrant cultural atmosphere.

Presently, the school has an enrollment of approximately 1500 students, with 26% originating from Purandaha, 70% from Bhuti, 2% from Sisampur, 1.7% from Tajsara, and 0.3% from Sirsiya. Since 2075 B.S., Teach For Nepal (TFN) has been actively engaged with the school, contributing to its educational endeavors.

  • Established: 2020
  • Placement from: 2020-05-15

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