Jagrup Sah Ram Pukar Sah Secondary School 4

Jagrup Sah Ram Pukar Sah Secondary School 2

Jagrup Sah Ram Pukar Sah Secondary School

Jagrup Sah Ram Pukar Sah Secondary School 2

Shree Jagrup Sha Rampukar Sha Secondary School, nestled in Mithilabihari Municipality, Ward Number 2, Purandaha, has been a pivotal educational institution since its establishment in 2014 B.S. Initially comprising three blocks housing 4, 5, and 6 rooms respectively, the school offered education up to Grade 7. A significant donation of Ailani land and ponds by the Village Panchayat President contributed to the school's foundation, commemorating Jagrup Sha and Rampukar Sha, grandfather and grandson, who built the initial six-room structure.

With six buildings, including ongoing construction, the school houses essential facilities like a Water Treatment Plant ensuring clean drinking water, pristine washrooms, computer labs, science labs, and smart boards for practical learning.

Situated in the Madhesi Community, the school serves diverse groups including Yadav, Sha, Mandal, Muslim, Mahara, engaging in farming, foreign employment, and business. Cultural celebrations like Chhath, Dashain, Tihar, Eid, and Holi thrive here, with Maithali as the primary language. The school hosts around 1500 students, with varying age groups spanning 6-10, 10-14, and 14-19, predominantly from Purandaha, Bhuti, Sisampur, Tajsara, and Sirsiya.

TFN commenced its collaboration with the school in 2075 B.S. With teachers possessing bachelor's and master's degrees in relevant fields, the school adopts a blend of traditional and modern teaching methodologies, leveraging lecture-style instruction alongside its computer and science labs for practical knowledge dissemination.

Supported by the local community's initiatives to bolster educational standards, Shree Jagrup Sha Rampukar Sha Secondary School stands as a testament to blended teaching practices, fostering a conducive learning environment to enrich students' academic journeys.

  • Established: 1957
  • Placement from: 2020-05-15

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