Primary Section at School doesn't even have proper walls

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Katrait Village
Katrait village is located in Andupatti VDC, Dhanusha, Janakpur, Nepal. It is approximately 5 kilometer away from a small city of Janakpur, Bhanuchok. Although it has accessibility by rough road network, a route for public vehicle has not been established yet. Hence, it is accessible only by foot or via a private vehicle.

The population includes castes like Yadav, Sah, Mukhiya, Mandal and Kapar. People are engaged in the occupation like agriculture, carpentry, house painting etc. and most of them have to travel to city for the job. Another major source of income for the village is the remittance as many of the adults are abroad, mostly in the gulf nation. The village lacks proper facilities like proper road network, drainage system and sanitation system. Many of the household do not have toilet and are compelled to open defecation. The education accessibility of the village is through a local governmental school or via private education institutions in the city, 5 kilometer away.

Shree Saraswoti Secondary School
Shree Saraswoti Secondary School was established in 2019 B.S. primarily for the purpose of providing education to the children of Katrait village and the surrounding communities. It was established to the primary level at the beginning, but was upgraded to the secondary level in 2068 B.S. Till date, the school has been running without the proper allocation of secondary level teachers and without proper resources like furniture, white board, computer lab, library and science lab, required for this level. Around 800 students from the village and the surrounding communities are compelled to study with the low quality education provided by the school, although the government promises to provide a quality education through its education system.

Problem statement
The school has been providing secondary level education without the availability of proper resources like furniture, white board, science lab, computer lab, library and materials for extracurricular activities. The system of education has been pure theoretical, rather than a mix of theory and practical knowledge. Hence, the students are bound to study with the low quality education provided by the school, which is not a direct fault of the school, rather the fault of our education system.

Grade 1 student on the other hand, and many other students are studying in a classroom without any furniture materials, without a board of any kind and are compelled to bring their own sac for sitting in the classroom. It is going to be difficult for them in learn in this limited conditions and in the coming winter season.

Support for the grade 1 students Since the students of grade 1 are studying at the school without proper classroom, without a place to sit due to lack of furniture and are forced to study without basic furnishing and education materials, the fund will be utilized to purchase a white board, markers of different colors, white board eraser, rubber mat, tarpaulin (for class separation), and a notice board to post students' creative work.

Managed by: Teach For Nepal
School: Saraswati Secondary School
Start date: December 11, 2015
End date: January 15, 2016

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