Home: Kamalbinayak, Bhaktapur, Bagmati

Education: Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Work, Innovative Sunshine College, TU

The level of poverty that I saw in my community was one of the things that kept bothering me as a kid. Seeing kids hungry on streets and loitering around, I thought of doing something for them. I shared that problem with my brother whom I consider my best friend in my family. Then we decided to open a tuition institution for young underprivileged kids in Bhaktapur to get engaged in something productive and help them to grow. Today, it makes me happy that the institution has turned into a music institute where children come to learn music. After completing my high school, I joined a volunteer organization. I used to deliver a 45-minute sessions on ‘Barriers in Studies’ to school students of class 6 and up. Today, when I look back at the voluntary work, I consider it as an asset of my lifetime because the journey that started from grade 6 has moved up to class 10 and number of sessions delivered has already reached 50. The initial idea of joining TFN came to me when I saw an advertisement on Facebook. I immediately got the hint that I could make a difference in my community through TFN. As a Fellow, I look forward to introducing diverse perspectives on life to my students through education. In the next five/ten years I see myself in my own hometown Bhaktapur collaborating with many schools towards improving our education system and alongside, also leading my music institute.

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