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Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, Apex College, Pokhara University

I was looking for something challenging after I finished my undergraduate studies. During this time, I came across a post from Teach For Nepal on social media. I began to research the Fellowship program provided by TFN. The whole idea of Fellowship seemed quite fascinating to me. The vision that TFN is working towards is challenging but it was exactly something I was looking for in my life. The very vision of the movement pushed me to apply for this Fellowship program. The Fellowship provides me the opportunity to teach students whose potential is yet to be explored. Standing in front of such students every single day, I will naturally have to be the best version of myself to provide the quality education that they deserve. The skills and competencies that I will learn as a teacher leading a group of students. Starting from setting big goals, investing in students and families, planning, execution, and reflection are the same as that of a leader, leading a group of employees in an organization. It will provide me with an amazing opportunity to sharpen my problem-solving and people management skills. I look forward to meeting my students and hearing about all the exciting stories that they bring to the classroom.

Fellow Stipend
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00
0.00% Raised
USD $5,000.00NPR 500,000.00

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