When Nothing Is Certain, Anything Is Possible

May 31, 2020

के गर्ने ? (What are we going to do?)

जे भए पनि गर्ने? (Let's do something)

कसरी गर्ने? (How are we going to do it?)

जसरी भए पनि गर्ने! (Let's do it somehow!)

At the wake of the pandemic, when Teach For Nepal community got together, amidst all the uncertainties, there was one clear consensus – that even though we do not have answers to all the questions, even though the magnitude of the crisis we are facing is beyond our locus of control, and even though our resources and current capacities are stretched, we will stand up in the face of this challenge and do something, somehow. 

Leadership matters more in times of crisis. But what is the kind of leadership that is required at this time where the crisis is blatantly exposing the social inequalities that have persisted generations after generations? What do leaders need to do at this time when solutions are not obvious and the multidimensional effect of crisis is unpredictable? Moreover, how do we move forward when one leader cannot offer a solution that works for all people living within different contextual realities? 

At Teach For Nepal, we believe that at this time, we need leaders who are moved by compassion and empathy in relentlessly exploring ways to bridge the divide between the privileged and the socially and economically disenfranchised. We need leadership that believes in the possibility of solutions and opportunities for innovation in the grimmest of all moments. We need leaders who reach out to their communities to listen and learn and collectively explore possible solutions to the common problems. We need leaders who put relentless effort towards trying and testing all possibilities and contribute the learnings from their trials and tribulations back to the community of leaders in the process of a collective exploration for sustainable solutions that drive meaningful impact.

The following video reflects the gradual growth of Teach For Nepal Fellows towards the kind of leadership we aspire in these uncertain times and beyond. It features the relentless trials that Fellows are leading to find an antidote to the digital divide and make remote learning accessible and meaningful for all learners. The efforts that our Fellows are making might not offer a perfect answer towards remote learning yet, but there are promising ideas that shine out like sparks of light in the dark.  

This video is a shout out to all our Fellows for their relentless effort and their commitment towards ensuring their student’s wellbeing and continued learning. 

With this video, we also express our gratitude towards our larger community of supporters who make it possible for us to nurture a new generation of leaders who embody a high sense of possibility, persistence, accountability, and a deep commitment to working with communities in co-creating a just and equitable society.  

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