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Ganga Milan Secondary School, founded in 2030 B.S, facilitates a total of 194 students in the school. The school is located in the village named 'Ghermu' originated as a Ghale King had a kingdom in that particular place. The majority of the population in the community comprises Gurung and Ghale families. Only a few dalit houses are belonging to the Biswokarma caste. The majority of the population follows the Buddhist faith whereas a few families follow Christianity. Most community members rely on farming for their livelihood and a majority of families have a member enrolled in either the British or Indian army. A number of tourists visit the region, while income from tourism is also produced.

Talking about the school, it boasts a well-equipped science laboratory and a computer lab with about 15 computers. However, a few computers do not work as efficiently as others. The school library recently began functioning with few hundred books. The classes have adequate benches and desks and classrooms are of a decent size. Despite such facilities, the dropout of students increases every year because parents are more attracted to boarding schools. One of the main reasons for such drop out is also the walking distance of about 2 hours to reach the school because it is the only secondary school in the village.

Furthermore, the girls’ toilets do not have dustbins for disposal of the sanitary napkins. Students drink water directly from taps without any filtrations but sometimes the drinking water is not clean which may cause health hazards shortly. The lack of fencing has led to cases of students like bunking school. The playground is five minutes away from the school where a few sports activities are conducted from time to time however, the students do not get time to focus on physical activities more. The students are passionate about football but there are only limited balls so all the students do not get the opportunity to play.

Since the Gurung culture prevails strongly in the region, hence most families seem to have little exposure to other cultures, language and an alternative way of life other than their own. However, there is a strong sense of unity and social cohesion within the society as in every Gurung community. Women in the village take lead in solving any sorts of problems prevailing in the area through Aama Samuha.

  • Established: 1973
  • Placement from: 2018-04-01

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