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Lying in the lap of Chhillikot hill and Sakram river, Secondary School, Bhitrisakram, was established in 2011. The school located on the way to Chillokot road lies about 4 KM far away from the main highway. Currently, the school serves about 260 students only.

A mixed community of Chhetri, Janjati, and Dalit families welcomes you with their heart, but when it comes to sending students to school, the community is not convinced about sending their students to school. The majority of the population seems hesitant about sending kids to school as most of the adults in the family themselves are not aware of the importance of education. Because of this reason, students do not take studies seriously due to lack of exposure.

Although so close to a major highway, the community is barred from getting as simple as a network connection in their mobile phones easily.

The physical condition of the school is in good condition to some extent but mostly lacks an equipped library and science labs. There is also a computer room however not all the computers work well.

  • Established: 2018
  • Placement from: 2018-04-15

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