Shree PAT School Dhanusa

Shree Parbati Anarbati Tetribati Basic School, situated in Tarapatti, Dhanusha, stands as a cornerstone of community-driven education, supported by Dr. Dina Nath Sah's generous donation of the school property on behalf of his three mothers. Initially offering lower secondary programs, the school underwent renovation to become a comprehensive Basic School, with additional rooms facilitated by NGOs like Aasman Nepal.

With a vision to provide quality education irrespective of economic or familial circumstances, the school accommodates approximately 800 students from Early Childhood Development (ECD) to Grade 8. The institution's commitment to holistic development reflects in its regular extracurricular activities, including playground cleaning and the initiative of Sharmadan, fostering a culture of community participation.

The school's infrastructure comprises four buildings, one currently under construction, and features a substantial playground, supported by a generous budget allocated for wall construction. The community surrounding the school represents a diverse mix of Muslim, Khatbe, Mandal, Teli, Sudhi, Pasman, Das, Tatma, Lohar, Dhobi, Chamar, Hazam, Kumale, and other castes, practicing both Muslim and Hindu faiths. Challenges include teacher shortages, infrastructural limitations, optimizing the science lab, and tackling absenteeism.

Teach For Nepal (TFN) initiated collaboration with the school in 2078 B.S., enhancing educational opportunities. The school's bond with the community thrives, with community-driven decisions and active support augmenting infrastructure improvements and fostering a culture of educational advancement.

Under the leadership of Head Sir Birendra Kumar Mandal, the school remains steadfastly supportive of TFN initiatives, promoting a conducive learning environment. Through collaborative efforts and community-driven endeavors, Shree Parbati Tetribati Anarbati Basic School remains committed to providing a robust educational foundation, nurturing young minds for a brighter future.

  • Established: 2018
  • Placement from: 2021-07-21

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