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Shree Nepal Rashtriya Secondary School

Shree Nepal National Higher Secondary School, Nichuta, located in the metropolitan city of Birgunj, was established in the year 2021 BS. The people in the community live harmoniously despite the heterogeneity of religions followed since 65% of people follow Hinduism while the others follow Islam. Being nearby the Birgunj bazaar, the total number of students was more than 1000 in the academic year 2075 – 2076 BS and is estimated to increase next year as well.

With the significant increment of the number of students, the school has become technology savvy by installing WIFI facilities in the school premises. They aim to set up smart boards in the school to approach animated and visual ways of learning and teaching. The school also has a well-equipped and resourceful library, science and computer laboratories. However, the computer lacks a projector in the computer lab. As a part of physical growth for students, the school has a huge playground with sports materials. The ground is also used to organize events in the community and the school. Although the school has all the required resources, they are being exploited due to the negligence of teachers and internal conflict amongst them. The classes are not run properly because the teachers are absent most of the time which has directly impacted the learning process of the students.

  • Established: 1965
  • Placement from: 2018-05-01

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