Having over 3,000 households in the catchment area, Shree Higher Secondary School is located 6 km east from Janakpur in a place called Baghchauda. It was established in 2019 BS (1962 AD) as a primary school and started running higher level classes later. A total of 1,200 students (540 boys and 660 girls) are studying in the school’s ECD classes to Grade 12 currently. TFN Fellows were first placed in the school in 2015 AD and three Fellows- Basant Mote, Parbati Shrestha and Sami Manandhar- are there at present. 16 teachers are teaching there at present. School enrollment rate among children in the area is 90% while dropout rate has been 30%. Literacy rate is over 10% and the SLC Pass Percentage of 2071 BS (2014 AD) was just 15%.

Maithali and Nepali are mainly used for communication. There is SMC as well as PTA in the school.

Over 80% people in the vicinity follow Hinduism while 20% are Muslims. People are mostly into foreign employment, agriculture or business for earning their living. Primary agriculture productions are wheat, barley, potatoes, onions, seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Regarding facilities in the vicinity, there is a health post, about 5 clinics and a police station. An ice cream factory has been established. Drinking water is available primarily from hand pumps which aren’t arsenic-free so the water isn’t that safe. There is proper WASH Facility in the school. Separate toilets for female and male students as well as the staff have been constructed. There are no taps and water is drawn from tube wells. There is no proper library, Science lab, computer lab and math lab. Desks/benches for the students aren’t sufficient, neither are whiteboards. DDC and DEO have been supporting the school for finances.

The school is easily accessible from Kathmandu. You have to first go to Janakpur by bus/flight from Kathmandu. From there, take a local vehicle to the school which is 6 km far.

  • Established: 1962
  • Placement from: 2015-04-16

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