Shree Deep Narayan Adarsha

The school is located at Sakhuwa Prasauni rural municipality in Parsa District. The school's building is next to Krishi Bikash Bank. It has been operating under Mr. Shivnath Prasad Tharu's leadership at the moment. The school began its operation since 2028 BS. The school has over a thousand students from among the population of 33,092 according to 2011 consensus. The school is 137 kilometers away from Kathmandu. If you are planning to travel via a personal vehicle the best route would be from Balkhu - Hetauda - Jeetpur. From Jeetpur's main road the school lies only 2 kilometers away. The community includes 80% Hindus and 20% Muslims. As per the locals, one of the ancestors, Mr. Deep Narayan was a very wealthy man who donated 5 lakh rupees in 2028 B.S to the school because he felt the necessity of a school in his community. The news about donation spread to the higher authorities and he got the opportunity to meet the Primeminister Mr. Kriti Nidhi Bist. Soon the news traveled to Late King Birendra Shah. He was very impressed with Mr. Narayan. It is said that the King himself came to visit him and he was awarded "Gorkha Dakshin Bahun Takmaā€¯. The legends then remained behind the naming of the school. The community is united and one can instantly notice the sense of belongingness that individuals feel in the community. There prevails a culture of respect. However, the involvement of the community with the school is minimal. There is unity among staff members and the leadership of the headteacher is what sustains the school. In terms of infrastructures, the school has a well-established computer lab however it is not functioning very well due to lack of trained personnel. There is also a science and Math lab which is in the process of construction. The school nearly covers an area of 11 bighas but most of the land is used by the community. The playground is small but it has been maintained well.

  • Established: 2019
  • Placement from: 2019-02-16

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