Shree Buddha Secondary School started off in a small hut in Burunchuli (Devichaur VDC) near a gumba in 2017 BS (1960 AD). Initially, it served only up to Grade 3. The school was later shifted near Tikabhairav temple and it became a lower secondary school in 2052 BS (1995 AD). Four batches have passed their SLC so far. A total of 403 students (199 boys and 204 girls) are studying currently in ECD to Grade 10.

TFN Fellows started teaching since 2013 AD and 3 fellows are teaching now. SLC Pass Percentage in 2071 BS was 81.81%. Student dropout rate is about 15 per year. Students walk for more than an hour to commute to school and there is no hostel facility.

Students from places like Lapse, Sikharpa, Tikabhairav and Faidole come to study. They belong to Nagarkoti, Tamang and Newar communities. Few are Dalits (4%) and few are from other marginalized groups. Most of the people are Buddhist and Hindus and few are Christians. People earn their livelihoods with farming (vegetables, crops, and poultry) and Nagarkotis carve murtis.

There are 17 (7 male and 10 female) teachers in school including TFN Fellows. Out of 6 primary teachers, 4 are permanent and 2 are temporary. There are 2 temporary teachers for lower secondary level. There is one permanent teacher for secondary level and 3 teachers are hired from local source. Anandavan Hospital is near Tikabhairav. There is a primary health post in Lele. Crushers and brick industries are common in this area. People have access to drinking water from source in nearby hills. Regarding the infrastructures of the school, toilets are available for both girls and boys. Recently, child-friendly drinking water taps were built. Electricity is available from national grid. There is a library and computer lab with over 12 computers in the same room. There are few resources for science lab but there is no math lab. However, there is lack of desk/bench for about 30 students. Each class has a whiteboard. The annual budget of school is in between 35 and 40 lakhs. The major revenue source is the government. Few NGOs provide scholarships to students. Help Nepal Network, Rotary Club and UN-Habitat have supported the school with infrastructures. RHEST is providing scholarships.

Primary medium of instruction is Nepali. There is a child club to empower students for their leadership and growth. Both SMC and PTA exist in school.

Tikabhairav is 13 km south from Ringroad in Satdobato. Buses from Lagankhel are available and it takes 1 hour to reach there.

  • Established: 1960
  • Placement from: 2013-04-16

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