Initially, the students of Shree Bhimsen Adarsha Secondary School at Burunchuli of Devichaur VDC in Lalitpur used to study in an environment that was like an ancient gurukul. Some educated youths had initiated the school and the classes, with 35 students, were conducted under a Simal tree. That was back in 2042 BS (1985 AD). After 6 years, classes up to Grade 5 were conducted. In 2064 BS (2007 AD), it was upgraded as secondary school. Currently, 320 students are enrolled from ECD to Cass 10, and 6 SLC batch students have completed their schooling from there so far. A student even scored distinction in 2011 AD.

TFN Fellows have been placed in the school since 2015 and 2 fellows are teaching currently and there are 17 other teachers. The SLC Pass Percentage of the school in 2071 BS (2014 AD) was 66.67%.

Most of the students of this school are from Burunchuli and more than 95 per cent are Tamangs. They primarily follow Buddhism but most of them celebrate both Hindu and Buddhist festivals. Most of the youths from the village have gone to gulf countries for employment. People also do farming for their livelihood. Few are in public jobs and Nepal Army. People export milk and vegetables to Lagankhel and Chapagaon. Students walk for one and half hours to come to the school and since there is no hostel facility.

There is a primary health post in the vicinity of school. First aid and other general medical services are provided here. There is Anamdaban Hospital and Lele Health Post nearby.

People have direct access to water from natural source of forests. Toilets are available both for male and female. Splash Nepal has provided an electric filter in the school for drinking water. The electric power source is from national grid. There is a small playground. Library with more than 500 books and a computer lab with 10 computers are available. There are enough desks and benches for students and each classroom has access to white board. Child club, SMC and Parents Teachers association are active.

Estimated budget of the school is 42 lakhs. The major sources of income are donations from DEO, VDC Office, personal donations and exam fees collected from students.

Samudayik Bikas Pariyojana, Lele and RHEST provide scholarships to students. A Japanese citizen financially helped to build the infrastructures.

There is no public vehicle going directly to Burunchuli. However, you can take an hour-long bus ride from Lagankhel to Tikabhairav, which is about 2 kilometers south-west from Burunchuli. You can commute in milk-carrier trucks.

Earthquake Impact

The school had minor impacts from the earthquake. Some cracks have been seen in a toilet. However, in the community, 177 houses totally collapsed and 150 partially collapsed. Almost 1600 people were affected in the catchment area.

  • Established: 1985
  • Placement from: 2015-04-16

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