Shree Bhim Vidhyashram

Shree Bhim Vidyashram Secondary School was initially established in 2007 B.S. by a local activist and education enthusiast Ganesh Bahadur. Initially, the school operated informally, providing education to a handful of students in just a single classroom. It wasn't until 2030 B.S ,Mangsir 18, that the school was formally established and named Bhim Vidyashram Secondary School inspired by the Bhimshen Mandir, a temple symbolic for education in the community.The school was upgraded up to grade 10 in 2065 B.S.

Situated in Baanskharka, ward no 1 of Paanchpokhari Rural Municipality, two hours off road drive from Melamchi, the school provides a panoramic view of the surrounding Palika and Melamchi city. Following its reconstruction after the 2015 earthquake with support from ADB, the school is currently equipped with good infrastructure facilities such as well furnished classrooms, a science lab, a computer lab, a library and a projector room with a smart board.

The community of Baanskharka is diverse, with the majority being from the Tamang community, followed by the Dalit and Newar communities. The school caters to approximately 200 students from this community. The primary occupation in the area is agriculture, alongside a growing trend of seeking employment abroad. However, the school has observed a decline in student numbers due to a stagnant birth rate and migration to larger cities.

The students' financial backgrounds vary significantly, with some benefiting from their parents' foreign employment, while others, particularly from the Dalit community, struggle to sustain their education. Additionally, many students live with their grandparents due to their parents' absence, facing challenges in staying focused on their studies and often dropping out after grade 10 due to a lack of support and exposure.

  • Established: 1915
  • Placement from: 2020-04-14

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