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Shree Saraswati Secondary School placed in Damargaun, Dang, was established in the year 2033 B.S. A huge plateau in the forest is called Damar in the local language, and old tales by the locals suggest that the village got its name Damargaun from there. A total of about 405 students are currently enrolled in the school in the academic year 77-78 B.S.

Damargaun is across the Patukhola in the northern side form Tulsipur Bazar and the school is about 3.5 KM north of Tulsipur bus park. A monastery will lead you through on the way towards the school.

A mixed community comprising of a ratio of Dalit, Janajati, and Brahmins and is approximately 2:3:5. The majority of the community is Hindu, while a smaller percentage of the community follows Buddhism and a few families follow Christianity.

The total population in the area is about 9500. The roads are maintained well and a few are under construction and connected to Salyan as well.

It hasn't been that long that students are made aware of the importance of education. Students are thus less likely to believe in education and have a vision for their future. Most of the student's families rely on remittance to run their household expenses.

After placement of TFN Fellows, the number of enthusiastic and active students has certainly increased which might change the future of the place. This school currently has 4 buildings which serve the current needs of the school including one hall and a total of 15 rooms including an office and a library. The school has one ground at the center surrounded by a wall. Meanwhile, the urgent need to renovate toilets and water facilities is the key concern to be resolved.

  • Established: 2018
  • Placement from: 2018-04-15

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