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Shree Secondary School, situated in the peaceful Laliya village within the Mithila Bihari Municipality; 05, Dhanusha, was founded in 2028 BS. While it provides education to the community, it's facing limited road access. Currently, the school is renovating its infrastructure, aiming to boost educational quality and support local economic growth. The school's mission is to enhance education in the area and instill values in children aged 4 to 16.

The academic programs extend up to the secondary level, with students in classes 8 and 10 sitting for district and secondary education exams. To promote overall development, the school organizes sports events and is constructing its building while offering computer lab facilities. Laliya, primarily home to the Madhesi community—Mandal, Rajak, Sah, Das, and Mukhiya—receives strong local support.

With a student population of 500 to 600, the school faces challenges like language barriers, transportation issues, and sanitation needs. TFN has been involved since 2075 BS, supporting the school. It employs 15 teachers, mostly male, with qualifications ranging from SLC to master's degrees. Despite some past issues, the school is working to build better relationships within the community and supports TFN fellows. While some teachers follow traditional teaching methods, a few adopt more engaging approaches.

The school embraces students aged 4 to 19, representing Mandal, Rajak, Mukhiya, and Das communities, respecting their distinct customs and practices. It aims to provide necessary facilities like a cafeteria and classroom fans, furthering its commitment to nurturing bright futures in the local youth.

  • Established: 1971
  • Placement from: 2019-04-16

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