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With a mission to enhance the quality of education and strengthen the local economy, Shree Secondary School envisions a future where children aged 4 to 16 receive not only a comprehensive education but also develop strong morals and awareness. Nestled in a serene environment, the school fosters an atmosphere conducive to holistic growth.

While road transportation may be limited, it has only ignited the school's determination to provide an exceptional learning environment. Academic programs extend up to the secondary level, encompassing basic examinations for class 8 and secondary education examinations (SEE) for class 10. For other students, grade promotions are based on an annual examination system, ensuring comprehensive evaluation and progress.

Reflecting the rich cultural diversity of the Terai region, Shree Secondary School proudly embraces its Madhesi origins. The Mandal, Rajak, Sah, Das, and Mukhiya communities form an integral part of the school's fabric, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive learning environment. The school gratefully acknowledges the support and insights provided by the local community, which enhances the educational experience.

Despite challenges such as language barriers, sanitation concerns, Shree Secondary School remains committed to overcoming obstacles and providing an exceptional education. A dedicated team of 15 teachers, with qualifications ranging from SLC to master's level, ensures that students receive a well-rounded education.

With an approximate enrollment of 600 students, Shree Secondary School celebrates diversity and promotes inclusive learning. Partnering with Teach For Nepal since 2075 BS, the school strives to unlock the full potential of its students. Catering to ages 4 to 19, Shree Secondary School empowers young minds, nurturing them into confident and capable individuals.

  • Established: 1971
  • Placement from: 2019-04-16

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"TFN House"
140 Chitra Marga, Kantipath
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