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Established in the year 2036 B.S., Shree Mithila Adharbhut School currently has about 400 students. It takes about seven to eight hours from Kathmandu. The school is located in Kachuri village in Mithila municipality, which lies on the way to Dhanusadham. The school and the municipality are named after the temple Mithila Bihari which lies in the same place. The community is made up of diverse ethnic groups living together. Of which Yadav, Teli, Brahmins, Kayastha, Musahar, Rajput, and Chhetri’s are among the few most common that reside in this community. The majority of the population mostly rely on farming and foreign employment for their livelihood. The majority of the population of this community is poor and most of the community members do not value education. Because of this reason most children are sent to public school because this is more affordable and easy to sen Due to several social-economical and cultural reasons, the students here lack quality education. However, we can notice improvements in their performance and their interest in education has certainly grown in recent years. There is a small playground but there is no provision of a laboratory and library due to which students are not able to perform scientific experiments and are forced to receive limited textbook knowledge.

  • Established: 1979
  • Placement from: 2019-04-15

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