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Gyan Batika school is one of the first schools of Subarnapur. Established in 2046 B.S.(1990 A.D.), this school now has more than 500 students enrolled. The students belong to diverse ethnicities like Tamang, Newar, Brahmin, Tharu, and Yadav.

With the majority of the students being females, the school stands against the deep-rooted patriarchy prevailing in society. One of the pressing challenges to school administration has been students bunking classes. Only 60% of the students getting admission are present during the classes, the rest of the students only appear to give their exams. Absenteeism is a major problem in this school. The infrastructure of the school is good with a canteen, computer lab, library and a Saraswoti temple on this school's premises. Despite the good infrastructure, the school currently needs books, sports equipment, band projectors for the holistic development of the students. Water tanks and dustbins have also become a need for proper hygiene.

The school has been conducting extra coaching classes in the morning for the secondary level students and also has recently started their +2 level program. Gyan Batika School also conducts various extra programs like football matches, cricket matches, life skill classes during the holidays.

  • Established: 2018
  • Placement from: 2018-04-15

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