Gothbhanjyang Higher Secondary School, Dalchowki

Having 100% School Enrollment Rate among children, Gothbhanjyang Higher Secondary School in Dalchoki of Lalitpur has students from diverse ethnic backgrounds including Brahmin, Tamang, Nagarkoti and Magar communities. Agriculture and livestock being the major sources of income, the people in this area cultivate maize, mustard and green beans. The literacy rate is about 70%. Even though the initial School Enrollment Rate among children is cent percent, the Student Dropout Data is about 4 %.

Started in 2031 BS (1974 AD) by Ram Prasad Sanjel, Jhamka Bahadur Thapa and Bala Krishna Dhakal, the school running classes up to Grade 3 finally became a secondary school in 2056 BS (1999 AD). In 2067 BS (2010 AD), District Education Office gave Rs 4,00,000 to upgrade into higher secondary school. 16 teachers (4 female, 12 males) are teaching now. There are 8 permanent teachers, 5 Relief Quata teachers, 1 private teacher and 2 TFN Fellows. Students travel up to 2 hours for attending their classes and there is no hostel facility.

Number of students who appeared in the SLC last three years and pass percentage. Year No. of Students Pass Percentage 2071 BS (2014 AD) 42 67% 2070 BS (2013 AD) 44 80% 2069 BS (2012 AD) 44 25%

Like many houses in the vicinity, the school’s infrastructures also have been affected because of the earthquake. Four classrooms and furniture have been damaged. The building made of blocks need reconstruction. Educational Resource Development Centre for Nepal has helped the school to make TLCs. Other organizations actively helping the school are ECCA and RICOD.

Male/female toilets are available for students and teachers. Chlorinated tap water is available for drinking. With an estimated budget of 70, 00, 000, the school is equipped with a playground, library and a computer lab. There is availability of mobile phone services including Namaste, Ncell and Sky in the vicinity.

It is 22 km away from Satdobato in Kathmandu and is accessible by car, trucks, jeeps or two wheelers.

  • Established: 1974
  • Placement from: 2013-04-16

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