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Before 2032 BS (1975 AD), the nearest school for children in Sangachok-1, Khatrithok of Sindhupalchowk was in Jalkaini which is about 5 km far away from the village. Realizing the need to build a school in the village, the community members established Shree Bhimsen Secondary School. They got donations and financial resources from different sources. Initially, classes up to Grade 3 were run. After 7 years, the school started to teach up to Class 5. Later in 2058 BS (2001 AD), it was upgraded up to class 8 and in 2065 BS (2008 AD) the school added Grade 9 and 10. Only in 2066 BS (2009 AD) the students of the school appeared in the SLC examinations for the first time. However, the school has had to encounter many ups and downs. After few months of its establishment, the school building collapsed. Reconstruction was done and was running until 2045 earthquake pulled down the building again. The reconstruction was done again but once again in 2002 AD the school was swept away by lands...

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Located 72 km away from Kathmandu, Janajagriti Higher Secondary School in Chautara Sangachokgadhi Municipality in Sindhupalchowk is easily accessible by bus or microbus. There is no hospital facility in the vicinity. A police station is there, CDMA service is available but the people have no access to landline service. Drinking water service is the major problem in the area. The school was established in 2007 BS (1950 AD) and currently 621 students are enrolled from ECD to Grade 12. TFN Fellows started teaching since 2014 AD and 3 fellows are there now. 23 other teachers are involved in teaching. 14 permanent teachers, 4 Relief Quota, 2 private and 3 technical teachers are there. School enrollment rate among children in primary level is almost 99% but students gradually dropout in higher classes which becomes 36% when they reach Grade 10. Only girls’ toilet is in working condition after earthquake so the whole school and neighboring communities use it. Electricity is available...

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