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Narayani Higher Secondary School was established in 2020 BS (1963 AD) as a primary school and was later upgraded as a higher secondary school. Currently, 320 students (171 boys and 149 girls) are studying in the school’s ECD to Grade 12. 3 TFN Fellows, Anjana Pokhrel, Rabindra Dangol and Rusha Adhikari have been teaching there since 2015 AD. Besides, 2 Office Assistants, 1 ECD teacher and 12 permanent teachers are providing their services. The SLC Pass Percentage in 2014 AD was 86.66%. The community has people from backgrounds like Brahmins, Chhetris, Magars and Tamangs and very few are Dalits. They follow Hinduism, Buddhism and also Christianity. People are mostly engaged in farming and small scale local businesses and some are into foreign employment. Crops like paddy, maize, wheat, barley, millet and beans are grown. The students have to walk for about 3 hours to attend the classes. There is no hostel facility. Located in Gimdi VDC in the south of Lalitpur, the scho…

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Tulasi Prasad Dhodari, a resident of Katuwa in South Lalitpur, had great interests in politics. He was a Pradhanpancha during Panchayat System in Nepal. During a local election in his village, his nomination was unlisted and his opposition leaders tried to cheat on him because he was not educated. This incident made him want to open a school in his village so that children there would be educated and wouldn’t have to face domination from others like he did. That’s what led to the establishment of Janak Secondary School (initially named Katuwa Primary School) in 1973 AD. With the increasing number of students, the school was upgraded as Lower Secondary School in 2033 BS (1976 AD) and Secondary School in 2068 BS (2011 AD). Students from different ethnic backgrounds including Brahmin, Chhetri, Tamang, Magar and Dalits are enrolled in the school’s ECD classes to Grade 10. Some of the students walk for 3 hours to come to school as there is no hostel for the students. The families of t…

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Janajagriti Higher Secondary School is located at Ikudole VDC in Lalitpur. A health post is bordered at the school and another nearest health service available for the community members is Primary Health Centre which is located at Bhattedanda. To reach the center having 24 hours doctors’ service, one has to walk for 2 hours. For education services apart from the school, there is Buddha Bihar on two hours’ uphill walking distance. The nearest police station is in 2.5 hours’ walking distance at Chhapeli, Bhattedanda. Mostly NTC and NCell networks are available. There are no big factories/ industries set up in the vicinity but one Hydroelectricity project is under construction. Most of the people in the village are using piped drinking water which comes from different small resources. The school was established in 2035 BS (1978 AD). A total of 191 students are studying there from ECD to Grade 12. TFN Fellows have been teaching in the school since 2013 AD and Sabin Maharjan and Suraj K…

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