Chandeshwari Secondary School

To reach Chandeshwari Secondary School located in Simle of Pyutar VDC, you will first need to take a bus from Chapagaun to Ashrang Bensi. Once you get off there, mini trucks carrying goods will be available and your next stop will be Gadhibhanjyang. From Gadhibhanjyang, it will take 1.5 hours’ walk uphill to reach the school as it is located on the top of Simle hill.

Established in 2034 BS (1977 AD) as a primary school, the school was upgraded to lower secondary and secondary school in 2064 BS (2007 AD). It was in 2011 AD that the students appeared in the SLC Examinations for the first time from the school. SLC Pass Percentage in 2071 BS (2014 AD) was 50%.

Currently, in their ECD classes to Grade 10, 121 students (60 boys and 61 girls) are studying. TFN Fellows have been teaching there since 2013 AD and current Fellows are Nawan Thora Sherpa, Shiv Kandel and Sumit Kharel. Besides, there are 3 permanent teachers, 5 Relief Quota teachers, 1 private teacher, 1 ECD teacher and 1 Office Assistant.

About 60 household families live in Simle and almost all of them belong to Tamang ethnic group. People are mostly involved in farming and some are also engaged in foreign employments. Food crops like maize, wheat, barley, millet and beans are the major sources of income. School enrollment rate among children is 100%. Students have to walk up to 3 hours to attend the classes. There is a hostel facility but it is not in a good condition.

Regarding the services in the school and the community, first of all, there is no proper facility of drinking water. The water source is very far and though the supply line is piped, water isn’t available sufficiently. There is a health post at Pyutar and it’s in an hours’ walking distance down from the school. Another primary health center is in Bhattedanda VDC, which is 1.5 hours away in a 4 wheeler. A police station is located in two hours’ walking distance in Lukuni, Ashrang. CDMA/GSM, NTC and NCell networks have ranges over there. Toilets are available at school but aren’t enough and not managed well, either.

The school has very few infrastructures. There are not enough rooms for library and additional activities. An open space is available as a playground but isn’t big enough for the children to play. There is no Science lab and Math lab. The computer lab however has 3 computers. However, all the classrooms have a whiteboard and enough desks/benches for the students.

SMC and PTA are actively functioning and Looniva has started a child club for the students.

Students who appeared in the SLC Examinations in the last three years:

Year No. of students who appeared in the SLC Examinations No. of students passed 2071 BS (2014 AD) 20 10 2070 BS (2013 AD) 21 0 2069 BS (2014 AD) 18 7 Earthquake Impact Out of 11 classrooms, 7 were damaged by the earthquake. 15 desks and benches were also severely damaged.

Different organizations have been supporting the school in many ways. UNICEF is supporting for TLCs. And UN Habitat and ENPHO have helped the school with drinking water, toilets and teaching materials.

  • Established: 1977
  • Placement from: 2013-04-16

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