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Shree Chaitanyodaya Satya Secondary School, established in 2051 BS, is the only secondary school in Dordi, Lamjung. The Dordi community is a diverse and peaceful community where the community members are actively involved in forming and managing various clubs and societies (eg. Aama Samuha, Youth Clubs.) Although these clubs and societies add value for the development of the community, there still exists a practice of untouchability, and issues concerning gender discrimination are raised sometimes. As a result, some group of people are not serious about their studies and their parents do not seem to be bothered with their children’s progress in school.

Furthermore, being the only secondary school in the community; the students from other communities such as Sandhikhola and Saranchwok walk a very long distance to attain higher education after the completion of basic levels frin grade 1 to 8. The students and their parents believe that the time for commute hampers their daily household chores

However, the school is trying its best to boost the motivation of the community towards changing the perspective about going to school for their kids. The school is the resource center of Dordi, meaning that there is well-equipped resources needed for the overall development of the students. The playground inside school premises is although small but the school believes most of the funding is well-capitalized by invested in building resources inside the classrooms. Recently, they have successfully completed the construction of two buildings with 4 rooms each. The classrooms, science and computer laboratories are well equpped with projectors and other materials required. Additionally, an electronic attendance system has also been recently installed for the teachers along with Wi-Fi and around 9 CCTV cameras have been installed within the school premises.

  • Established: 1994
  • Placement from: 2019-04-15

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