Bidhyadhishwari Higher Secondary School

TFN Fellows started teaching in Bidhyadhishwari Higher Secondary School since 2013 AD and 3 fellows (Bibek Upadhyaya, Jayanti Lama and Rajkamal Sahi) are teaching currently. Besides, 1 RHEST Volunteer, 1 ECD teacher, 1 Office Assistant and 14 permanent teachers are working at the school. PTA and SMC are functioning actively in the school. 350 students are enrolled at present.

Education activist late Mr Sheshananda Ghimire had initiated to establish the school in 2020 BS (1963 AD) as a primary school. It was upgraded as lower secondary, secondary and higher secondary school in 2041 BS (1948 AD), 2053 BS (1996 AD) and 2067 BS (2010 AD) respectively.

The school is located in Ashrang VDC, one of the furthest, in the south of Lalitpur. It is connected with graveled road 70 km far from the district headquarter. Regular bus service is available from Chapagaun and Tata Sumo is available from Chapagaun to Ashrang. Mini trucks carrying goods can be found frequently.

The catchment areas of the school are most parts of Ashrang VDC and some of Manthali, Makawanpur. Students have to walk up to 3 hours to reach the school. There used to be a hostel but it collapsed during the earthquake. They belong to diverse communities including Brahmins, Chhetris, Tamangs, Magars and very few are Dalits. The population comprises mostly of Hindus and Buddhists and Christians. Most of the people are engaged in farming for their livelihood. Foreign employment and small scale local business are also popular. Food crops like paddy, maize, wheat, barley, millet, beans and coffee farming are growing. Rearing livestock is also one of the important occupations there. People own cows, buffalos and goats. Poultry farming is also increasing rapidly.

Ashrang is equipped with a health post and it is half an hour walking distance away from the school. Another primary health center is in Bhattedanda VDC, which is 2.5 hours far if you travel in a 4 wheeler. One needs to walk for an hour to reach the police station in Lukuni, Ashrang. CDMA and Smart network services are available. Most of the people in Ashrang use piped drinking water but it comes directly from different small sources; neither purified nor from a reservoir. Toilets are available for the students but not enough and not managed well. Electricity is available from the local hydro service but only during the evenings. Library, too is there but without enough books and proper management. The school lacks a Science Lab and a Math Lab. There are 10 computers in the computer lab with solar back up, but not used by the students. After TFN Fellows placement, teachers and some community youths have been learning to use the computers. There are enough benches/desks for all the students and all the classes have whiteboards. The school premise is fenced with GI Wire Net and some parts are still open.

RHEST and Looniva have been providing supports for TLCs, teaching materials and other emergency supports. Loovina is also working for the students’ development and RHEST has been providing scholarships and volunteer teachers for preprimary and primary levels. ECCA supports the child club to make the students aware of the importance of environment preservation. It also helps in the development of students’ leadership.

Number of students who appeared in the SLC Examinations in the last three years and pass percentage:

Year No. of students who appeared in the examinations No. of passed students No. of students scoring 1st Division 2071 BS (2014 AD) 24 16 8 2070 BS (2013 AD) 19 14 6 2069 BS (2012 AD) 16 13 2

  • Established: 1963
  • Placement from: 2013-04-16

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