Once you reach the Tulsipur bus park, take an auto to Balapur, and about 100 meters towards the road heading north, you will reach Balapur Chowk where Secondary School Balapur is located. 90% of the population residing near the school come from the Tharu community and Maghi is one of the most celebrated festivals in this community. With about 500 students today, the school was established in 2034 BS with less than 100 students.

Agriculture is the main source of income and livelihood for the majority of the population. The school closes during the rainy season as the student as well are the helping hands to their family members during the busy season.

Talking about the resources in the school, it has two standard playgrounds where students mostly spend their time during their lunch hour and leisure time after school hours. There are enough classroom and adequate space for expansion. The number of students getting enrolled in the senior classes has significantly increased every year while the number of students below grade six has remained consistent.

  • Established: 2018
  • Placement from: 2018-04-15

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