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Shree Kalika Chetana Secondary school, founded in 2047 BS, is one of the representative schools where TFN works to build a well-equipped infrastructure for students inside and outside of their classrooms. It takes four hours from Kathmandu to reach the school on a local bus that leaves at 3 PM from Dakshindhoka.

The total number of students in the previous year 2075 BS was more than 300 whereas, this year 2076 BS the students decreased to 269. There was no new enrollment of students this year whereas other students dropped out because they had no motivation to repeat their grades after failing. The school focuses on providing all sorts of infrastructures as it constructed new buildings with facilities like science and computer laboratories during the academic year 2075-2076 BS. However, the existing classrooms are in the dire need of upgrading. For instance, the benches are not enough for all the students so 5 students uncomfortably sit on one bench. Also, the students bring their mats from their respective houses because some of the benches are not even in the condition to sit and study for a few hours.

Along with this, one of the major issues in the school is cleanliness in the classroom and the toilets. The dustbins in the classrooms are misplaced every other day and students themselves need to clean their own classrooms most of the time.

  • Established: 1990
  • Placement from: 2018-04-01

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