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Students in our school are familiar with life that involves their family, school and farm field. They haven't seen life beyond their village. Simply, their world seems to be limited within Baghchaura. We want them to learn and know about the world that is beyond Baghchaura. Their exposure in this educational trip will assist them to understand others’ lives, reflect about their present condition and to know what the future can hold for them. Furthermore, this trip can be a turning point in their lives to dream bigger which is our vision for the student. We want our students to have a bigger platform to showcase their project work. Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) is a program that is lead by a group of incoming cohort and other selected youth to provide education access and exposure to students. Each year, almost 45 children from different Teach For Nepal schools come to Kathmandu for a very exciting learning opportunity. These students will get access to variety of opportunities; visiting historical sites that they read in their text books, visit different colleges and universities and learn about scholarship opportunities, listen to speakers who overcame difficult life circumstances to find success, and visit zoo, airport, radio stations etc. Additionally, the student will also get an opportunity to partake in the induction ceremony of the new cohort and demonstrate their learning and achievement to the guests.

Managed by: Sami Manandhar
School: Shree Secondary School (Bag...
Start date: March 28, 2017
End date: April 12, 2017
Participating Schools: 1
Organized by: Sami Manandhar, Parbati Shr...

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