Teaching computer to students in Public School

Students learning basic computer

Teaching basic computer


Established in 1949, Nawalpur Secondary School in Nawalpur VDC has the highest number of students in the region and female students outnumber the boys. 54 km away from Kathmandu and easily accessible by public bus, the school owns a hill and a forest of its own. The school was upgraded gradually and it became a Secondary School in 2009 AD.

The school enrollment rate among children is 96% and the literacy rate is 90%. Some students have to walk up to 4 hours to reach the school.

462 students (243 girls and 219 boys) are studying currently in ECD to Grade 10. TFN Fellows have been placed here since 2014 AD and 3 Fellows are teaching. A total of 15 teachers is providing their services at present. There is no proper facility for drinking water and toilets. Electricity is available from local hydro services. The school possesses a small playground for children to play outdoors. But there is no library, Science lab, and Computer Lab. The estimated annual budget of the school is Rs 40,00,000. The government, VDC and private organizations support the school financially.

The students are actively involved in Eco-Club and Junior Red Cross Circle. PTA and SMC also exist. The teachers and students use Nepali as the primary medium of communication and instruction.


The Ministry of Education suggested a Red sticker for Earthquake Impact, which means the infrastructures have been severely damaged. All the 12 rooms of the building and around 60 benches were in bad condition. In the community too, almost all the houses collapsed. 43 people lost their lives and many were wounded. 2 students of the school also lost their lives.

With financial support from WWF, the school has four built a big classroom that can accommodate around 70 students. With financial support from BSF Korea (Christian Society) school had added another 4 classrooms. With the support from Ministry of Education, School had added 4 room, 2 story RCC Building but finishing is pending due to lack of budget.


Student Need

The students don't have much opportunity to gain practical knowledge making them uninterested in Computer itself. Most of the students find Computer to be 'a very difficult subject'.

Having knowledge of computer is the most required skill of 21st century. It doesn’t matter which field one chooses, having basic knowledge of computer is required in all section. Realizing this, School wants to establish well-equipped computer lab to teach students basic computer education and make them ready for the 21st century.

Most of the theories, facts mentioned in the book are hard to visualize and comprehend just by reading. Students need to see, do and then learn. This setup will provide such opportunity to the student. The well-equipped computer lab will enhance student understanding and will act as a platform for student to explore more of a computer as a whole.

Teacher Need

This also gives teachers an opportunity to grow professionally. While the students need to learn, teachers need to learn too. In Nepal, back in those days, very few schools in cities only had a Computer Lab. We have teachers come from diverse areas, who might not have had the opportunity to operate computer either. The lab gives teachers an opportunity to do and understand better, which in turn helps them to teach students better. The lack of resources and a lab prevents the teachers and students from practical works which in turn makes them illiterate towards the importance of ‘doing and learning’.

Curriculum Need

The Curriculum Design Centre, Nepal has separated 50% of total marks for practical marks. However, the practical marks are given by teacher without actually doing a practical experiment because of lack of resources. Students somehow get the knowledge of few devices just by looking into pictures but miss the fun and practicality. Also, the practical marks are to be given in every term exam but the School isn’t practicing the system. The School can’t be blamed, however. They don’t see the point in it because it hasn’t been practiced yet nor they have resource.

Setting up a Computer lab will provide teachers a newer perspective teaching Computer in class and thus creating a student who is technically aware and understands the fun behind everyday computing and applies to his/her everyday life.


Desktop Personal Computers

We are planning to setup 30 computers. The School has five computers which need to be repaired and 4 computer in working condition which was donated by WWF recently. We need 21 new computer set.


In Order to set up 30 computers, we need tables and chairs.


We have room separated for computer lab setup but wiring needs to be done to power supply 30 computers.

Estimated budget

Computers x 21 per Rs.17000 = Rs.3,57,000

Computer Table x Rs.3000 = Rs.36,000

Wiring = Rs.60,000

Misc. (Transportation etc.) = Rs.10,000

TOTAL Rs.4,63,000

Managed by: Gaurab Raj Pandey
Start date: May 10, 2017
End date: October 08, 2017
Funds Required
USD $4,630.00NPR 463,000.00
0.0% Raised
USD $4,630.00NPR 463,000.00

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